Samantha Ray – Samantha dresses to fuck

Samantha dresses to shag

Samantha dresses to fuck

“Thinking about the scenes I discharged for you makes me so horny that I crave my boyfriend to eat my pussy whilst I watch my videos.”

So says Samantha Ray, a 45-year-old blond piece of a-hole who’s back to expose off her long legs and sexy body. She’s talking about the scenes that are on, especially the one in which that babe fucks 2 guys.

“My life couldn’t be any more excellent right now. I have an wondrous orgasm each single day.”

Samantha is a natural looker with a genuine enthusiasm for sex. That babe knows that babe looks admirable and has the confidence to show it.

“What makes me feel the sexiest is when I put on a miniature bathing suit and walk down a crowded beach and juvenile chaps flirt with me and tell me I am sexy. Or when I put on high heels and a short skirt and walk throughout a restaurant and get stared at by one as well as the other males and babes. Or even more breathtaking, the time I dressed in a short petticoat and very high heels and walked around a undress club and made all the strippers so jealous that they would not even approach me, but all the fellows stared as I strided by. It is pleasure to dress a little amorous.”

Enjoyment for her. Definitely fun for us.

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Alice – She Demands Dick

This babe Demands Meat-thermometer

She Demands Dick

Alice is a 19-year-old dish from Los Angeles, California. She’s 5’3″ tall and has a weight of 115 pounds. That babe is got gray eyes, long brown hair and wears 32D-cup bras. Oh, we nearly forgot the almost all important thing about Alice, she is kind of wanton.

“I’ve kind of always known that I was intend to do porn,” that babe said us. “It’s coz I adore screwing. I adore everything about it. I like swallowing cum, I love getting my arse fingered, I like getting titty rogered and I like knobs of all sizes and shapes. Sex charming much rules my life. That is why I called u bucks.”

Speaking of that, we enjoyed our phone conversation with Alice. Almost any angels, when we finally convince ‘em to screw a boy on-camera, have a list of demands. But Alice solely had one demand. We originally recommended that she discharge a solo set, but this babe said she wouldn’t shoot with us unless we gave her a shlong to play with. That was the easiest decision we have had to make in a while.

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Goldie Ray – She’s Sexy And She Knows It

She’s Hot And This babe Knows It

She's Hawt And That babe Knows It

Goldie Ray was born for porn. The 3 bears are not envisaging at home for Goldie. Just one stunt-cock. His assignment: survive a sex session with Goldie. Goldie has a voracious erotic appetite and she has decided to unleash it and express it through adult modeling.

That babe thoughtfully gave SCORE first crack at her booty crack. From the very kick off, Goldie’s lips pour forth bawdy talk. “I can not await to fuck u,” moans Goldie, rubbing Largo’s junk. “I can not await to fuck your greater than average, stupendous, banging penis.”

Goldie wears a blue mini-dress that zips down the front and fuck-me shoes. “Slide your bigger in size than run of the mill, chunky dick between my huge pantoons,” Goldie breathlessly says whilst Largo paws her milk shakes. “I can hardly expect for you to bonk me with your greater than average, giant shlong right in my a-hole!”

Goldie is a live wire and this babe loves thick prick deep inside her constricted rectal hole.

Adult films are tailor-made for Goldie and angels with her kind of heat. That babe desires raw, wicked sex, not soft Skinemax cable lovemaking.

Largo unzips her dress and flaunts her larger than standard, creamy white milk cans. Goldie’s suit and briefs come off to show her gorgeous body in all of its brilliance. Pale, ivory flesh that entreats to be fondled and fondled by sexually excited chaps.

Goldie encases Largo’s meat between her juggs, squeezing it, and this chab fucks her squishy deep cleavage. Goldie craves it in her cum-hole, then in her constricted a-hole and that babe craves that cum on her angelic face after her backdoor is plowed.

Back home, Goldie have to leave a trail of fatigued fuck-buddies in her wake!

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Kali Karinena – The yoga instructor isn’t wearing panties!

The yoga instructor isn’t wearing straps!

The yoga instructor isn't wearing thongs!

What’s going on here? Well, novice Kali Karinena is a yoga instructor, and this babe isn’t wearing thongs beneath her sheer hose. So when this babe bends over, Rocky, her scholar, receives a look at of her bawdy cleft that this chab can not believe. He does a double-take, and whaddya know? Yep, Kali isn’t wearing any briefs, and that’s her undressed bawdy cleft!

Of course, Kali pays attention the reaction in Rocky’s pants. Hey, yoga practice can come later. The way Kali sees it, why waste a perfectly worthy rock hard cock? So they copulate right there in the studio, and Kali shows off her astounding flexibility during the screwing action, and when it is all over, Kali has Rocky’s cum all over her face.

And that is the story of Kali’s first time screwing on-camera.

Kali is Fourty four years aged. She’s married. That babe was born in Chicago and now lives in Southern California. She truly is into yoga, and that’s how that babe keeps in such great shape, but when we asked her about her hobbies, this babe said, “Sex is my hobby.” And she indeed doesn’t wear knickers.

“Why trouble?” she said. “They just acquire inside the way and slow things down.”

Kali is a short-haired, brunette looker with a stunning face and a great body. She and her spouse are swinger married couples; have been since the day they met. And she’s into anal dance, which is a story for another day.

Yeah, there will be some other day. U didn’t think Kali would screw and run, did u?

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Katherine Merlot – Fuck that hot 73-year-old cunt!

Bonk that hawt 73-year-old wet crack!

Fuck that hot 73-year-old slit!

“I think u can be classy and erotic, if that makes any sense,” told redhead Katherine Merlot, a 73-year-old divorcee who lives in the eastern United States. “I try to be elegant in the way I dress and carry myself, but when I’ve sex with a lady-killer, the dirtiest things will come without my mouth.”

“Fuck that hot twat,” Katherine tells Juan in this scene. “I cant acquire enough of that young rod!” Then she spreads her face hole for his cum and plays with it in her face hole.

Katherine too told us, “My like button is very sensitive. I completely love when a fellow kisses it and licks it passionately. I feel each little thing they do and it receives me in the mood love no thing else. When I rub it during sex, it sends me over the edge.”

Go over the edge with Katherine. Jack to that 73-year-old cunt!

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Hitomi – Lady In Red

Woman In Red

Lady In Red

This petite package of stunner, milk sacks and bodacious body may be solely 5’1″ but the Tokyo-based superheroine has the vigour to avoid the Extraordinary Hulk in his tracks with one wink of her eye, her winning smile and her trademark V sign. She’s one in how many millions?

It’s been a bigger than standard year for Hitomi and the year has barely begun. That babe is won SCORE‘s Adult model of the year for 2014, her second consecutive win in this category and this babe was the runner-up in Voluptuous’ Glamour model of the year contest in a taut race with Joana, one of her 3 companions with Sha and Valory in SCORE On Location.

Stretching out her unfathomable red cocktail costume, Hitomi looks ready for an evening out. Instead, she’s staying at SCORE HQ in Miami so that babe can take it off and put on a display. Hitomi jiggles her titanic natural jugs during the time that they’re still supported in her brassiere. That babe sinks her fingers in her downy flesh and her dainty hands can barely hold a fraction of her pantoons. This babe sucks on her teats and licks them with the high reaching of ease.

Hitomi always seems like a fantasy. Yet that babe is real. An unbelievably real, natural miracle!

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Sarah – Rub a dub D-cups

Rub a dub D-cups

Rub a dub D-cups

Occupation: Baker; Age: 26; Born: April 29; Ht: 5’7″; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Whatsoever; Anal: No! BJs: Swallow unless it’s also salty; Masturbate: Who doesn’t?

“My immense fear in life is having my sex life go stale,” Sarah said us. “That’s why I sent in this ram to you boys. I want to keep things fresh and thrilling. I’m afraid that if I don’t challenge myself, I’ll just fall into a rut and marry some fellow just ‘cuz his shlong works and that stud urges to pop out some kids. That is definitely not what I wish. Not yet, at least. I wanna fuck in avid places. I wanna bonk people I indeed shouldn’t. I crave adventure and passion. That is not also much to ask for, right? That’s why I submitted my ram to you dudes. It is smth absolutely wild and it’ll aid brandish my dude that I am not super-serious about marriage or everything right now.”
“Depending on how I am feeling, I’ll either costume truly provocatively or indeed idle. Sometimes I’ll acquire a wild hair up my wazoo and I’ll costume to the nines. I mean, I’ll do up my hair and makeup and put on tall leather boots and shove my breast valley out really far. The looks I acquire excite me. Other times, though. I indeed don’t wish any attention. I’ll just wear sweats or smth. If a beauty doesn’t look love she’s trying hard, don’t approach her! She’s not having a wonderful day.”

That is admirable advice.

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Bunny De La Cruz – Bouncy Breasts

Bouncy Milk sacks

Bouncy Breasts

Bunny de la Cruz was in and with out adult act quickly. That was surprising cuz everyone predicted a long career could be hers. She hasn’t been heard from since that babe left porn.

34JJ-cupper Bunny was new when she began shooting at The SCORE Group.

“I’m kind of surprised that there is not tons of rude people here,” Bunny said to one of the TSG editors. “I’ve done one more adult modeling and most places I have been to, the makeup artists and other people are kind of rude, but everyone here has been very worthwhile. I am relishing being here very much. The photographers and all the studio people are very amiable.”

Breasty Bunny got into adult movies though a familiar route: stripping. U don’t watch many exotic dancers with such bigger than average natural love melons.

“I’m an stripper near my home. I dance at a not many different places coz I acquire bored charming easily. You watch the same people all the time, so I love to move around some and get some multiformity. I like the lap dancing part, but I also detest hot garments, so being naked is a worthy thing for me. I had a Voluptuous mag at home. I saw an classified advert there and answered it.”

Bunny had a tattoo placed in a very strategic area. When her bottoms come off, u cant miss it.

“I think my cunt looks pretty when it is shaved, and I’ve a tattoo there. It is a rainbow and above it, it says ‘taste the rainbow.’ The tattoo artist was even more uncomfortable than I was, I think, ‘coz the whole time I was telling him how much I loathed him. That shit hurt, u know? The fact that I was screaming in ache kind of took away from the experience for him. That woman chaser told that woman chaser didn’t love beauties to shriek and cry on his table, but I couldn’t aid it.

“I had to go back 3 times to acquire it totally finished. It took Fourty minutes to an 60 minutes each time. It was awful, but it is something that I wanted. It’s different and no one else has it. Everyone always remembers it. As far as shaving, I think it looks and feels very clean to have my fur pie hairless. I’ve not ever indeed had hair down there, at least not since I’ve been sexually active. I’ve shaven it for years, so I’ve no idea how it feels to have hair down there.”

Why Bunny left porn, and so quickly, is unknown to us. Maybe it was a case of been there, done that. That babe is missed!

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Kiki Daire

Kiki Daire Kiki Daire
Kiki Daire @
Meet Probation Officer Kiki Daire. Daire’s a real ball buster. As subrigid as nails and as tough as they come. She’s politically not right during her meetings, and this babe is got a nasty rep: if this babe doesn’t receive her way, Officer Daire’s the first to fudge the paperwork and hand it to the Judge. Just ask Rico Meaty. He is endured the big-dick jokes and the lengthy stares at his crotch, so today he’s brought his homie — Isiah Maxwell — to witness this all 1st hand. Sure enough, that babe is at it from the minute these two come into the room, and this time Officer Daire puts it bluntly: "either u 2 bulls bonk me, or there’s intend to be bother with the judge!" They’re the one and the other a little worried it’s a set up, but they charge ahead, screwing out both holes previous to filling ‘em up with sex cream.
Kiki Daire Kiki Daire
Visit – Hot Cougar Mommys With Hung Dark-skinned Guys @ Blacks On Cougars | Kiki Daire

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Sydney – Sydney fucks her son’s best friend

Sydney bonks her son’s superlatively nice ally

Sydney fucks her son's foremost friend

This scene opens with Sydney, a 48-year-old MILF from Nevada, in bed with her spouse. This babe receives with out bed, puts on a robe and sneaks with out the room. That babe thinks her husband is asleep, but this chab seems to know what she’s up to.

In any case, Sydney walks into the living room and sees her son’s most handsome ally jacking off on the daybed, so she dips down into her briefs and rubs her snatch. Hey, this is what this babe came for, and it turns out this dude is already got his 10-Pounder up. Ideal!

So Brad is jacking under the sheets and Sydney’s diddling her vagina, and maybe this babe groans too loudly ‘cuz this man sees her.

“It’s ok,” Sydney says, sat down next to him. “My husband’s upstairs fast asleep and Joey’s upstairs banging his girlfriend.”

“Oh, I see how it goes,” Brad says.

But does he?

“I just wanted to know if I could sit and view you,” Sydney says.


“I was kind of thinking about u in any case,” that petticoat chaser says.

So Sydney sits there watching her son’s best friend jack off, then this babe reaches over and gives a decision to aid him with her hand. And with her throat. And with her wet crack. Meanwhile, her hubby’s upstairs wondering why he’s the solely one in the house not getting any.

Maybe this gent should just log onto

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Katherine Merlot – Fucking that 73-year-old pussy

Fucking that 73-year-old vagina

Fucking that 73-year-old pussy

Now 73 years mature, divorcee, Mamma and redhead Katherline Merlot returns to to take on Juan’s bigger than average penis. She’s looking alluring in a hot bra and panties. So, what’s Katherine been up to since we final saw her about a year agone?

“I”ve been doing tons of touring up and down the east coast trying to please all these young chaps…and the mature,” said Katherine, who was born in Romania and now lives in the United States. “I adore to give great blows. That is my beloved thing to do. I just have a fetish, I guess, about admirable hard, young dicks. I adore ‘em in my bawdy cleft, likewise, but I need to acquire them rock hard 1st.”

“Cunt”? Did that babe say, “Cunt”? Yes, this babe did. In any case…

“I lay ‘em down on the bed and I go down on their dong and I tickle their balls gently, then I put it in my throat and I just engulf it. I go up and down with my tongue and all around the head of the schlong. And then I take my tongue and go all the way down to the balls. I lick them, I suck ‘em, then back up to the dick, and by then, my vagina is worthwhile and juicy and succulent, and I am ready to get drilled.”

Katherine says her love tunnel is “a aged wet crack but still very young. I acquire lots of compliments on my vagina.”

Juan compliments it by screwing it unbending and cumming on Katherine’s face. Welcome back, Ms. Merlot.

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Sabrina Santos – Big-assed Cuban hottie sucks dick for tips

Big bootied Cuban sweetheart sucks cock for tips

Big-assed Cuban enjoyable heart sucks ramrod for tips

“I love to widen my bulky cheeks so a dude can lick my arsehole,” 41-year-old MILF/big-assed Cuban honey Sabrina Santos told us through an interpreter. “My boobs might be petite, but I make up for it with my arse. In Miami there’re a lot of Cuban and Hispanic fellows, and they all love butts.”

It was a natural progression for Sabrina to end up in our studio. She’s already used to getting bare for people, which she can’t live out of. Doing it for the camera was no exception for this Lalin girl exhibitionist.

Sabrina only speaks Spanish, but when u speak the international language of sex, that is not a problem. Sabrina is a gogo dancer in a sleazy undress club, so that babe can’t live out of to widen her asscheeks for an audience. And that babe likewise knows how to give raunchy lapdances that will make u nut in your pants.

“Many bucks have cum from my dances,” she told. “I get a lot of tips at the exotic dancing club ‘coz I know how to shake my booty. One time in a while I will take ‘em to the back and engulf their cock.”

When Sabrina isn’t shaking her ass at the lap dancing club, she can’t live without to shake her gazoo at salsa lap dancing clubs.

“I’m a great dancer, and you know what they say about people who can dance.”

This babe also enjoys cooking, cleaning and sewing.

“Just because I’m a stripper doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to be a good housewife. I just love most of all to do it without a husband. Those guys can’t keep up with me and just hold me down. I prefer to be free so I can screw whomever I want.”

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Jacquie James – Jacquie’s a Swinger

Jacquie’s a Swinger

Jacquie's a Swinger

We have got a treat for you M.I.L.F. lovers out there. Jacquie is a personal fitness tutor who moonlights as a bartender. She is originally from Columbus, Ohio, but now lives in Florida. She’s 5’5″, 125 pounds and wears a 34D-cup undergarment. This babe enjoys reality displays, exotic dancing, swimming and making love to her guy at the end of a long day.

By all accounts, Jacquie is a perfectly run of the mill 44-year-old, so what’s that babe doing sending in her bare pictures to our website? Well, her ally (who urges to remain nameless) submitted her fotos to us and recommended that Jacquie do the same. Her friend knew she’d like it ‘cuz Jacquie is kind of a freak. She’s been a member of the Trapeze Swinging couples Undress club in South Florida for eight years. She’s a ambisexual freak who is not afraid of taking on multiple dicks and pussies at the same time. In fact, she’s even taken part in a 20-person orgy at the exotic dancing club!

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