Terry Nova – Terry Nova Is Your Pussy For Tonight

Terry Nova Is Your Muff For Tonight

Terry Nova Is Your Pussy For Tonight

This dehydrated Lothario is delirious. Some other step and he’s bound to fall into that empty pool and break his erection. But expect! A busty, smiling mirage named Terry Nova has appeared to slake his thirst not merely for aqua but for bigger than average heavy milk shakes to engulf and copulate. Terry is an expert at stroking, mouthing, jacking and fucking your tool until you blow your load over her sexy chest. Terry drips sex. That babe is the utmost love-doll with her fleshy, pliable hangers and her facial-me face. Just wind her up and let her bounce on a stiffy. That is what it’s all about, brother! And look at out for empty pools!

One of the quietest SCORE Beauties, Terry was first introduced in July 2007 SCORE. We didn’t know then that that babe would become of the Czech Republic’s busiest (and quietest) sex stars. Terry doesn’t acquire to say much in any case. Her body does all the talking. And no one can prevent listening. When that babe tit-bangs a charmer, his knob disappears inside her hills. This babe indeed is one of a kind and likewise a mystery gal. To be direct about it, we do not know a fucking thing about Terry even though she is been on 3 major photo shoots with SCORE, one in Hungary, one in Prague and one in The Bahamas, plus assorted shoots over the years in her native country. That doesn’t stop us from loving her a-hole all these years.

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Elizabeth – Straitlaced? Nope!

Straitlaced? Nope!

Straitlaced? Nope!

Elizabeth is a gorgeous 31-year-old female from Dorset, UK. U might recognize her from her photos that we published back in May of 2014. She stands 5’6″ tall and weighs approximately 123 pounds. She’s currently a graduate scholar in business. That straitlaced world doesn’t actually jive with showing your fuzzy cunt in a nudie magazine, but that babe couldn’t care any less about all that. “I’ve got more important things on my mind than worrying about what some stuck-up professors or future colleagues might think about my cum-hole. Besides, I’m a dominant-bitch with a full crotch of pubes. That’s already a little against the grain, right? I mean, I’m the solely one of my allies with pubes. It is so unique now.”

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Lyla Lali – Welcome to porn, Lyla Lali

Welcome to porn, Lyla Lali

Welcome to porn, Lyla Lali

Tall, thin and exotic, Lyla Lali takes her first step into the world of porn by taking on JMac’s greater than average wang in her first porno scene.

“I wanted to acquire into porn, and here I am!” this babe told. We asked Lyla if the people this babe knows would be surprised to watch her here, and that babe said, “Frankly, I do not care. I’m free!”

Free to engulf porn jock. Free to lie back and receive her face fucked. Free to spread her lengthy legs wide for JMac’s weenie. Free to acquire porno-fucked in the piledriver position until JMac cums all over her twat. Free to observe the cum stream down her wet crack and onto her large boobs.

Lyla is Fourty five years mature. This babe can do whatsoever that babe desires.

Lyla told us that she lately had sex with a 24-year-old.

“He wanted me to educate him,” she told. “I showed him everything I know.”

Which is a lot. When Lyla returns to 40SomethingMag.com, this babe is intend to receive ass-fucked.

By the way, Lyla was born in New York Town and lives in South Florida. She’s 5’9″ and has a weight of 115 pounds. This babe has been a yoga instructor and a rubdown therapist. And now she’s massaging jock.

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Michaela O’Brilliant – Anal Advocate

Anal Advocate

Anal Advocate

Michaela is ready for George when this chab displays up wearing just a towel around his waist. She is clothed for sex in a hot corset that exposes off her bigger than run of the mill, pierced boobs plus some sexy stockings. This babe rubs his dick throughout the towel and finds out that that guy is already stiff. So what does that babe do? This babe takes his rod out. And this stud shags her face. And that babe rubs his testicles against her greater than run of the mill mammaries. And we’re just getting started. Previous to lengthy, George is eating her pierced vagina, then he is rogering it, then he’s banging her a-hole.

Wonderful, encore, Michaela.

Michaela is 58 years aged. She’s from Germany. This babe enjoys playing the piano, bicycling and working out. This babe loves to wear hot clothes that expose off her love muffins and mini skirts that flaunt off her curvacious legs and big wazoo. That babe told us, “I was told that I give wondrous blow jobs.” George agreed. That babe can’t live without romantic dates.

“Nothing wild,” she told. “The wild part comes later.”

Yep, it does. Michaela has sex 3 times a day. That babe likes anal dance.

“I savour it and do it often,” she told. “I have been having anal-copulation for many years now, so I am used to it. I was the 1st one of all my allies to advocate it. They were scared at the time.”

Scared of shlong in her booty? Not Michaela. That’s the wild part.

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Casey Deluxe – Hot Tub Bikini Hottie

Sexy Tub Bathing suit Lovely heart

 Sexy Tub Swim suit Hottie

Casey began as a swim suit glamour model, and she’s appeared in many German magazines and newspapers. This babe is the main model for Saxini and Nixxxe, a German designer of micro-bikinis. Casey was posing topless on the net when this babe learned about SCORE and connected with one of our photographers.

It’s indeed not elementary to discover Big-Boob German adult models. In recent years, we’ve lucked out with Annina, Emilia Boshe and Alexa. Even so, we’re not overrun with German applicants and our scouts there rarely watch anyone.

“If you need a reason to go to Germany, you are looking at her!” comments Matt. “Great beer, magnificant food and the topmost babes between Germany and Poland. I hope I run into her at Oktoberfest when I go back this year! More Casey!”

On this day, SCORE took Casey to a posh spa where she could dip her sexy body in a hot tub and peel off her bathing suit. And you get a ringside seat.

Casey says that guys are also shy to come over to her and chat her up. Even so, Casey says that babe enjoys the attention this babe does receive. We’re sure she would be cheerful to autograph her debut issue of SCORE (February ’15) if she were asked.

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Lilith – Conquest Of The Curvy Cockteaser

Conquest Of The Buxom Cockteaser

Conquest Of The Buxom Cockteaser

Lilith was a glamour model referred to SCORE by one more model, Exotica. Exotica was featuring in the club Lilith danced in. That babe said Lilith to call us. We flew this fetching ravishing heart in from St. Louis, Missouri for numerous days of shooting.

On her first visit, Lilith only flew solo which is par for the course with many first-timers at SCORE. One time they get a smack of bare modeling, and if they’re gutsy, they return for boy-girl action. That is how it was with this handsome brunette hair. She came back numerous times and did the wicked quite several times.

The name Lilith is from Adam’s first wife who became queen of the supernatural after this babe was evicted from the Garden of Eden. In other words, a bad beauty. So bad she’s priceless.

“I was born in St. Louis and spent almost any of my life there,” Lilith said in her first-time interview. “I’ve been stripping on and off for about five years. Right now, I work in a absolutely in nature’s garb club. We give lap dances, sofa dances and sexy tub dances. Basically, it’s a regular gogo dance in a tub. Lads wear swim trunks and we wear our T-backs. We supply the towels and the scoops! The boys adore milk shakes in their faces!”

We talked to Lilith about a variety of subjects: Knockers, sex, bra buddies, fullsome funbags and sex. And lap dancing. Some say we have one-track minds. They try to smear us.

SCORE: What satisfies u the supreme? Forget about the boy.
Lilith: I guess actual penetration. We just screw.

SCORE: Any favorite positions?
Lilith: Any and all. Nothing specific.

SCORE: Have you ever gone with a female?
Lilith: Not completely. I had a goddess eat my vagina once. I liked it.

SCORE: Have other dancers in your lap dancing club hit on you?
Lilith: Lots of the gals in my strip club are charming str8. Other exotic dancing clubs, yes, I have had that a lot. But I prefer lads.

SCORE: What’s your own favourite way to satisfy a gent in daybed?
Lilith: Regular sex. And I adore titty-fucking. That is what you lads call it, right?

SCORE: That is what we call it. Do u like plenty of that?
Lilith: Yep, I do. It turns me on to view it more than anything.

SCORE: Is it your date’s idea to do it or do u wanna do it?
Lilith: It is one as well as the other.

SCORE: Are you very vocal when a lady-killer screws your funbags?
Lilith: Sometimes I wish him to do it. “Fuck my bosoms. Fuck them,” I’ll say.

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Brandi Anderson – Watch Brandi Get Fucked

Look at Brandi Get Fucked

Watch Brandi Receive Fucked

“I desire you to observe my hawt body acquire rogered,” says 42-year-old Brandi Anderson, who’s dressed for sex in a taut, revealing suit that displays off her large, firm, fake mounds. Doing the honors is Rocky, who’s 25 years mature, just right for a lascivious cougar adore Brandi. That lady-killer slurps on her teats. This babe sucks his penis. He bonks her taut, shaved twat. This chab cums on her face. Brandi is 5’4″ and weighs approximately just 100 pounds. That makes her a bonk toy. That babe is pleased to be a 40 something screw toy.

“People who know me think I’m outgoing,” Brandi said.

Well, she is. Brandi is an outgoing nudist and swinger. She’s into bucks and honey bunnys. She describes herself as sexually passive, but sometimes, love here, she’ll make the 1st move. When this babe goes out, that babe dresses “like a Southern female-dom with a valuable costume and high heels.” She can’t live without enjoyment and adventurous dates. And this babe usually doesn’t wear briefs.

Southern ladies don’t wear briefs?

“This one doesn’t,” Brandi said.

Of course, she isn’t actually Southern. That babe was born in Canada but now lives in Florida. This babe is divorced. She’s on the prowl. Can you handle her?

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Addison Bound – A Big, New Find

A Bigger than standard, Recent Detect

A Larger than average, Recent Find

Meet Addison Fastened. A charming redhead from California, Addison chose XLGirls.com to make her launch, but we stole her set and figured you dudes would like to see a gal recent to the industry in advance of that babe becomes a noted plus-sized glamour model. A web digital camera adult model, Addison is very vocal, and that talent, her glamorous face and enormous, 34HH-cups make for a very interactive experience. Prepare to fall in like and have a humongous erection at the same time.

“I love glamour models and watching porn,” says Addison. I found the SCORELAND web site during the time that researching some of my beloved glamour models.”

“My whoppers really started to blossom into full E-cups and then eventually into HH-cups when I was 16 and a junior in high-school,” Addison told us. “I was clearly the bustiest for my frame (5’3″).”

Now imagine looking down as your shoes are getting professionally buffed and shined and seeing the unfathomable deep cleavage of the person doing the shining. It could have been Addison ‘coz this babe says her favorite job was being a shoeshine angel!

For now, Addison is flying solo. But perhaps if you are persuasive enough and generous enough in your commentaries, Addison might make a decision to try a hawt boy-girl shoot in the future. This babe resembles the kind of beauty a boy can put his faith in.

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Michaela O’Brilliant – Pierced And Ass-Fucked

Pierced And Ass-Fucked

Pierced And Ass-Fucked

“Most of the time I like coarse, hard sex,” told 58-year-old Michaela, who returns to acquire it coarse and unbending in her constricted arsehole. “I like something that is intend to make me scream. I like slow, ardent sex as well, but I prefer to do that with only a elect hardly any.”

Not with this lad. Sure, this woman chaser eats her vagina. That babe, Michaela gives him a foot job with her stockinged feet. But almost all of this scene is about a hot HORNY HOUSEWIFE getting ass-fucked hard, so rock hard that her butthole gapes, and opening her mouth for cum.

“I adore being different. Being boring is the worst,” Michaela told.

How is this babe different? Well, this babe has big, pierced funbags. That babe has six piercings on her pink flaps. And she’s 58 and having a-hole stab on-camera.

“I had a friend from the fetish community who was in porn,” Michaela said. “She told I had the look and the disposition for it. That babe was right. I endevoured it, loved it and now here I’m. I feel very natural in front of the digital camera.”

Naturally ass-fucked. Just our kind of femdom-goddess.

Watch More of Michaela O’Brilliant at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!

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Desiree Dalton – Desiree Of Our Desire

Desiree Of Our Want

Desiree Of Our Desire

“I strive to look spruce and skillful, but I also have a dirty, lustful, wild, fun side,” said 45-year-old Desiree Dalton.

Desiree is separated from her partner, so if you are interested in her, go for it. Don’t sit around waiting for her to make the first move. But do not use any corny pickup lines, either.

“Come up and talk to me and just be real. A angel can tell if you’re full of it. If we are courting, treat me with respect. Call me, ask me out on dates. I like to be treated ike a headmistress.”

If u play your cards right, u might just receive laid on the first date, also.

“I’ll have sex on a 1st date. If there is major chemistry, and I know the date will not lead to a relationship, then hell yes!”

Hey, just ‘cuz that babe loves to be treated adore a female doesn’t mean this babe needs a commitment each time that babe has sex. That babe did come to our studio after all!

“People think I’m serious, but I am indeed a very goofy person. I love slapstick clips love Anchorman 1 and 2. That sort of humor kills me. I am really very elementary going, and I just wish to savour.”

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Toya – Hong Kong Hussy

Hong Kong Hussy

Hong Kong Hussy

Occupation: Bartender at sushi place; Age: 41; Born: October 5; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 119; Pounds; Bras: 34DD cup; Panties: Not quite never; Anal: I like it; BJs: Drink if you’re tasty; Diddle: 3-4 times a week.

Toya was born in Hong Kong, but she’s living in Las Vegas now. You might think that is a tough transition, but that babe let’s know that there’re similarities between the 2 places. “Las Vegas is known as Sin City, but it is tame compared to some neighborhoods in Hong Kong. U have people there with billions of dollars and u have people with no thing. Sometimes males will rent out an whole exotic dancing club or restaurant or massage parlor for themselves just for pleasure. They’ll buy time with 20 vixens at one time!”

“I like living in Las Vegas. It’s a dream come true. It’s a place where people lose their inhibitions. I went on a date to the video theater one time where I ended up screwing the lad in the back row. I too gave some other boy a oral-stimulation in a glass elevator overlooking a hotel lobby. People do things they wouldn’t normally do when they’re in Vegas. That is probably why I’m experienced to have sex at least five or six times a week.”

Watch More of Toya at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

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Shelby Gibson – Stacked In Swimsuits

Stacked In Swimsuits

Stacked In Swimsuits

With her bright eyes and happy-to-be-here smile, Shelby Gibson is back to the Large Flaunt trying on incredible swimsuits. Shelby, the ultra-slim, ultra-stacked wife of a SCORE reader, has the kind of body that’s perfect for radical, excessively skimpy bikinis and monokinis. A container of dental floss contains more material than her bikinis.

Heads turn and eyes spread when Shelby wears those little numbers to the beach or to a pool. Wolf-whistles can sometimes be heard in the distance. After showing her suits, Shelby heads indoors to display her bush, a rarity these days for honeys from all walks of life.

We talked to Shelby during the episode and too after.

SCORE: Anyway SCORE mag, do u read sexual books? If yes, which ones?

Shelby: No, porn movie scenes and pics are better. But I do read mysteries.

SCORE: Do u hang out with other breasty hotties?

Shelby: I do have some glamorous big breasted allies and we’ve a great time going out jointly. We always acquire a lot of attention!

SCORE: Do u have any girlfriends pumped up adore you? And would this babe glamour model?

Shelby: I have a few big busted friends who are beautiful sexy but they’re not as big as I am. They would probably glamour model for hawt outfit or merchandise but I do not think that they would in nature’s garb model. They do not even know that I am a SCORE Girl!

SCORE: Do you need to have your tops fitted or can you identify ‘em off the rack?

Shelby: Custom made is my merely option.

SCORE: If we were to watch u just out shopping at the mall, what would you be wearing?

Shelby: It depends a bit on my mood but usually I’m in a valuable, tight top with constricted jeans and heels.

SCORE: Do people ask u if you are a model?

Shelby: Not all the time but occasionally. It is a real ego booster.

SCORE: Do you care for your scones in any peculiar way, such as rubbing lotion into them?

Shelby: I don’t use lotion on ‘em very often but I do use lube for tit banging. And I truly LOVE rubbing fresh hot cum on ‘em!

SCORE: Do u go braless in a Tee shirt?

Shelby: Yeah, any time I can…which is almost all of the time.

SCORE: What position do u sleep in?

Shelby: I sleep bare on my side or back. I cant sleep on my belly.

SCORE: You are in swimsuit model shape. What kind of work-outs do u do to stay so fit? Oozing, weights, Pilates…?

Shelby: Thank’s. Bike riding and stationary bike work utmost for my figure but A LOT OF sex is the best workout!

SCORE: Have u ever had a G-Spot big O? What triggers it?

Shelby: No, but my clitoris, gazoo, love melons and nipps are very sensitive. I’ve lots of orgasms which I suppose is why I love sex so much.

SCORE: Has having king-size scones enhanced your sex life?

Shelby: Definitely. They have really spiced things up. The extra attention is very empowering. And they’ve opened up a lot more opportunities.

SCORE: Are you into bawdy talking during sex?

Shelby: Bonk yeah! I adore talking ribald and getting talked impure to. It seems to indeed fire up the men even more which just adds to the enjoyment!

SCORE: Do u think chicks should be allowed to be topless anywhere it is legal for males to be shirtless?

Shelby: I kind of love chicks being different. I guess being scantily overspread in public is truly more sexy than if we were just topless.

SCORE: Have u had sex in public places? Have you ever had sex in a taxi? Do you like sex in cars?

Shelby: I guess it may sound laughable since I love showing off but I am not into public sex. If I knew it was all adults watching, it might be different but I’m too worried that some kid will watch the action which I do not wish. That’s what’s great about the SCORE shoots, all adults, so all joy! I like reading the comments that the members write about my fotos and videos. Please keep them coming. I detect them very encouraging.

Watch More of Shelby Gibson at SCORELAND.COM!

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Felicia Clover – Big-Boobed Blind Date

Big-Boobed Blind Date

Big-Boobed Blind Date

Redheads don’t come and cum any cuter than Felicia Clover. An outdoorsy hotty, Felicia can’t live out of to hike and swim but that babe can’t live without indoor activities likewise. You’re about to watch one of her favorites. Felicia invites her blind date Jimmy into her bedroom and gives him the breast display of his life, then surprises him by parting her thongs and pulling a string of pearls out of her pink cunt! This guy makes a beeline for Felicia’s big meatballs and marvels over ‘em, giving them the attention they deserve. They both strip and receive comfortable so Felicia can blow his dick with lovin’ licks. It has the appearance of this blind date has started with a large a team fuck.

“I like missionary ‘cuz the leverage is more good for dudes I think,” says Felicia. “You know, in missionary with my legs in the air… and that way a lad can just pound me worthy and subrigid. I love that.”

“I love sex–a unbending pounding and blowjob,” Felicia says. “About my body, I think fellows like my pointer sisters a little more than they like my ass, but a lot of boyz have told me that coz my bumpers are so larger than typical, they make my booty look just a little bit smaller. I wanna say that I was NOT the bustiest cutie in college, even though everybody thinks I was. I indeed wasn’t.”

Felicia has several candid movie scenes at the SCORELAND Blog in which she talks about banging, her greater than average bra buddies and her bigger than run of the mill, creamy PAWG (Phat Wazoo White Gal) ass that that babe likes getting filled with jock. “You know, a skirt chaser called me a ‘Whooty’ and I had to Google it and it means ‘a white girl with a big wazoo.’ So, I suppose I’m a Whooty.”

See More of Felicia Clover at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

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