Carmen Hayes – Busty Hooker Carmen

Big breasted Hooker Carmen

Busty Hooker Carmen

When it comes to remarkable contortionistic sex positions, enthusiasm and hyper-energetic rogering, like screwing with her ankles behind her neck, Carmen Hayes is at the very top of the list of agile and big breasted porn stars. This scene is likewise in the DVD Busty Hookers, a go-to jack movie scene.

Carmen’s minding her own bad cutie bizness, just holding up her end. Wandering the streets looking for the right hooker, Jean Val Jean (that is French for “John”) is going without his mind. If he doesn’t copulate soon, he’s going to need a wheelchair. Then he spots Carmen. Does this chab have sufficient bread to acquire her to spread? The question’s rhetorical.

Jean eyes Carmen’s wiggle as they stroll to the sleazy motel that she calls her work station. Her bountiful jugs acquire peculiar handling 1st one time the door is locked, as is merely proper. This babe throat-fucks his pecker with tons of drool and filthy saliva strings, giving him a dick sucking fit for a king, or at least the CEO of a publicly held corporation.

Carmen identified how hyper-flexible her joints were when this babe was watching a TV show about people with unusual abilities. This babe continued to hone her talents in fitness classes and says this babe feels no discomfort in her behind-the-neck pretzel-poses. “If I hadn’t made it in porn, I’d almost all definitely have been in a sideshow in a circus,” Carmen said on SCOREtv Season 1 Movie 6.

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Claudia KeAloha – The teacher is stacked

The teacher is stacked

The teacher is stacked

In this scene, stacked Claudia Kealoha is supposedly a teacher. She’s sitting at her desk, and her blouse, if u desire to call it that, is covering about 12% of her chest. Peter, her first-year student, seems distracted, and Claudia isn’t happy about that. That babe thinks that skirt chaser isn’t concentrating, but this babe is not right. This man is concentrating. He’s concentrating on her massive mambos.

“Try a little harder,” Claudia says, “harder” being the operative word.

“It’s your fault why I am here,” Peter confesses. “Look at your shirt. I am a young guy and your bra-busters are out all day. How do u await me to concentrate?”

Claudia fixes the problem by engulfing Peter’s penis and fucking him right there on the desk.

By the way, when we were in school, we at not time had teachers who were as pumped up as Claudia or wore tops love that.

Claudia, who’s been an stripper and was born in Hawaii, is into the martial arts.

“I started learning Muay Thai in Hawaii a scarcely any years back, so I hired an wondrous personal teacher,” Claudia said. “We do get physical, but I know, because that dude is an professional, that gent will not hurt me. When we do arm locks or head locks, this fellow have to feel my downy, super bra-busters pressing against his arm or head, but he’s such a professional, this chab doesn’t even flinch. I love that that gent is adore that so there’s no erotic tension between us.”

Speak for yourself, Claudia. We’re guessing that when that buck goes home, this chab thinks about u and jacks one out. That man might not even make it past his car.

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Karen DeVille – Another huge cock for Karen Deville

Some other huge pecker for Karen Deville

Another massive shlong for Karen Deville

Wouldn’t u adore to have a boss love Karen DeVille, a boss who has a great body and big mounds and likes to screw to keep her crew cheerful? U know, there’s been tons of talk in the United States those days about the fight for a $15 an 60 minutes minimum wage, but we’ve the feeling that a lot of dudes would be willing to work for a lot less if their boss looked like Karen and handed out fringe benefits like these.

In any case, here, Karen, who’s 55 and divorced, is fucking JMac. That’s supposed to mean that in her brief history at, Karen has had sex with Juan Largo, The Champ and JMac. That’s lots of greater than standard, thick wang for a female who says this babe has a very tiny, tight muff. Heck, we’re not doing much to keep it that way, although, as Karen has pointed out to us, her twat stays constricted no matter how much this babe fucks.

“I am not the sort of female that u would think would be doing this,” told Karen, who lives in Delaware and is a Mommy.

We’re not sure what kind of woman that’s. All types of honeys come to our studio. I suppose Karen means that this babe doesn’t walk around town with her love muffins and wazoo drooping out. She’s not known as the city bimbo. But this babe lives in a tiny town.

“I like to pretend that I am actually not wicked, but I am. I am enjoyable on the outside, but I am not.”

And here’s the corroboration.

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Jessi Green – Smooth Cutie

Smooth Cutie

Smooth Cutie

Age: Twenty three; Born: Sep. TWO; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 104 lbs; Bras: 34A;
Panties: Cute ones; Anal: Yep; BJs: Gulp;
Lives: Worcester, United Kingdom; Occupation: Office administrator

You’ve gotta like a hotty who lets her pubes grow wild. It displays individuality and a sense of enjoyment. That is a perfect description of Jessi. “I’ve always had pubes,” Jessi told us. “I’m not one of these bandwagon girls who started growing a bush because Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz started advocating for pubes. I think that’s bullshit. Sweethearts should do whatsoever they wanna their bodies. I do not give a copulate if a charmer loves my pubes. If this chab doesn’t wanna take up with the tongue my wet crack or shag me coz of it, this chap can sod off! That being told, I loathe routine. I acquire antsy whenever things stay the same for too lengthy. I change my hair color at least one time each other month. That is why I decided to shave my pubes off.”

“I need to admit,” Jessi confided in us, “using a razor on my wet crack took a little getting used to. I did not know what position I should be in. My boyfriend just kept telling me to bend over and expose him my butt. I knew that wasn’t the almost all fantastic way to shave! That dude was just trying to have a peek at my butt! That pervert! In any case, I lastly figured out that I had to work in sections. I started from the top, above my clit, and worked my way down to the cheeks. I made sure to use loads of lotion on it afterwards, also. I have heard horror stories about razor burn on the pussy.”

“It’s gonna take some getting used to, having this shaven vagina. I have got some gorgeous meaty opinions about it already. 1st, I adore the way silk knickers feel against my smooth skin. I wore a couple to work the other day, and each time I strolled around my office, my haunches would get wet with cunt juice. That’s the other thing. I am not used to my bawdy cleft juices dripping down my legs! I’ve always had thick hair to soak it up! My fur pie isn’t smelling as potent, either. I’ve always had a thick, pheromone-heavy scent whenever I was aroused. Studs would tell me it drove them nutty. My husband lets me know that this petticoat chaser misses it, but this smooth operator is having the time of his life exploring my smooth twat.”

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Niki – Flasher in the Outback

Flasher in the Outback

Flasher in the Outback

“The bloke I’m in a relationship with went down to Sydney on business. This man bought two issues of NN there and we looked at ’em in his sofa after I would welcomed him back. That charmer encouraged me when I told him I wanted to pose for the magazine, so the very next weekend we drove out into the country and found this spot. I’ve at no time felt so hawt, so much a lady and so concupiscent as I did while I was posing. So we had a wicked (sex) on our pile of glamourous clothing.”

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Danniella Levy – Bikini Babe Bash

Swimsuit Babe Bash

Bikini Playgirl Bash

SCORE mag editor Dave called Danniella Levy the hottest non-porn star he’s ever seen.

Danniella has the perfect big breasted swimsuit body. The bathing suit was made for beauties love Danni. We need to watch that bathing costume bod and listen to her sexy jack talk in this movie scene shot out side in Miami overlooking the water. What a impure mouth! We love it and her gyrations and grinding. A solo scene with Danniella is hotter than the hardcore scenes of many porno stars. That babe is the kind of gal whose motor is dripping constantly…except when that babe is asleep. And her dreams are probably hot too.

“I like shoes,” says Danni, who wears ’em constantly. “I adore high heels and nylons. I adore to have sex in ’em. I try to wear tops that show my breast valley. If you are going to have melons this big, it would be naive not to reveal ’em. Even in the Health Lap dancing club, I like my Jodie Marsh bra, and they keep your mambos in so when you run, you are not jiggling about, but they still give you sexy breast valley. I adore ’em.”

“Damn, observe those gazongas! Danni is so freakin’ hawt, I’m a fan of her now.”-(German Engineer)

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Holly Halston – Fill Miss Halston’s Asshole

Fill Miss Halston’s Butthole

Fill Miss Halston's Asshole

Are u happy you enrolled in adult education classes? SCORE porno star Mrs. Holly Halston will be the instructor of your human sexuality course tonight. View the top she’s nearly not wearing and investigate Mrs. Halston’s breast valley. U could set a lunch tray on that boob shelf.

Holly drops her below garment and top to jiggle those fuckable jugs in your face. She tells you to stay after the bell rings. The other students pile out. U stay. First, Mrs. Halston unveils you what that babe is made of. Her screwing boobs, her rogering snatch, her banging chocolate hole. That babe is marvelous, tiny and stacked with a Thirty six inch bust and 34DD cup cups.

Mrs. Halston’s kept u after class for one reason. A close rencounter of the fifth kind! What’s that? Hands, mouth, bosoms, slit and arsehole. You are gonna shag Mrs. Halston’s love tunnel and arsehole right on her desk. Her twat and anal opening will clutch your shlong as you slide it in and out. And she’s not intend to desire u to spray your load of cum in her brown winky. She desires you to pull your wang without her rectal hole, put it in her throat and shoot your man-cream on her tongue so this babe can swallow it down. It’s true. Do you know why?

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Claudia KeAloha – Fuck the teacher!

Screw the teacher!

Fuck the teacher!

Her name is Claudia Kealoha, she is a large star in the big-tit world (and one of the most-popular models in SCORE mag and at SCORELAND), and she is making her first appearance by her consent. By that we mean that for a lengthy time, Claudia didn’t desire to be featured at That babe did not crave to be known as a HORNY HOUSEWIFE or a old lady, even though we told her that SEXY HOUSEWIVES are in and this babe should be pleasured of how spectacular she looks (and we don’t just mean for her age; for any age).

Then, lastly, Claudia told us it was ok to put her on as lengthy as we did not mention her age. So we’re not gonna mention her age. We’re just plan to tell u that she’s over 40 and measures an pretty 42-26-36 with DDD-cups, although they look even greater to us.

“I hear that hotty’s love romantic fantasies. I am not one of them,” said Claudia, who was born in Hawaii and was a dancer in South Florida for a ages. “I don’t know how I even acquire there but all of a sudden I watch myself sometimes with 2 boys, sometimes two hotty’s and a lad or sometimes my final lover. Anything to cum. I am not into any fetishes but the bondage thing kind of inspires my curiosity. My kinkiest sex game was at the Tuscany Suite in one of the top Las Vegas hotels. My paramour and I had sex in front of all of his allies. That was beautiful perverted.”

This is glamorous kinky: Claudia plays a teacher who seduces her juvenile student. When u look like Claudia, seduction is an simple game.

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Elle MacQueen – Bush Baby Elle

Bush Baby Elle

Bush Baby Elle

Thirty-one-year-old Elle is our Bush-Baby this month. That babe said us that eventually this babe is going to shave. Is that a shame? Is that a valuable thing? It depends on who u ask. “I’ve had blokes who swore they were converted into loving pubes cuz they took a run at me. I’ve also had blokes who said me that they’d fuck, but they couldn’t at all date a mistresse with hair. I suppose ravisher is in the eye of the beholder,” Elle told us.

“I used to work as a pole dancer a long-time ago,” Elle continued. “But I gave that up. It was so exciting, but it wasn’t the most-stable job. I was the only dancer who had briefs full of pubes, but that often worked to my advantage. There were loads of 18-year-old gals lap dancing next to me, and they had their fair share of suitors, but the maturer businessmen preferred me. That was wonderful, by the way. They had more cash to spend on lap dances! Plus, I could grab their wrists and guide their fingers through my curlies. That always got me a hardly any supplementary quid!”

We’re sorry that Elle is intend to eventually shave. Still, we asked her to take photos when this babe does. Bald bawdy cleft is more admirable than no slit, right?

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Denise Derringer – Tits-A-Poppin’



The plot of the SCORE feature video Tits-A-Poppin’ is a little complicated and not different from a Twilight Zone episode. With tons of fucking.

The owner of a recording company gives his male executives a vial of liquid that gives them the telekinetic power to open a woman’s top so that their mambos fall out. And when a girl’s bosoms fall with out their top, this babe naturally craves to fuck. Now the recording industry is packed with sexy hopefuls. Always has been, always will be. It is a never-ending parade, making it a fertile ground for bagging hot babes.

Denise Derringer from Texas and her Texas-sized melons are here to auditions for a contract. Denise is truly a bewitching country-western babe and dresses the part for this encounter. Unlike the upstanding adult industry, the recording industry is rife with sleaze who make it a priority to try to shag the female talent.

When Denise arrives, sleazy Tony’s top-poppin’ power guarantees that he’ll be screwing Denise’s face hole, twat and anal opening in record time.

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Veronique – The lady who used to be on children’s TV shows

The female who used to be on children’s TV reveals

The female who used to be on children's TV shows

She’s not a swinger. She’s not a nudist. This babe is a grandmother who used to be an actress on children’s TV exposes. This babe is a 53-year-old divorcee, and this is her 1st copulate movie scene. Her name is Veronique, and this babe is a hot woman.

When this scene widens, sexy, blue-eyed golden-haired Veronique is lying in a guy’s lap. She is wearing a short petticoat, nylons and heels. The gent is fondelling her slit. There is no setup. Just act. In advance of lengthy, Grandma Veronique is engulfing the dude’s 10-Pounder and getting rogered. They don’t unveil that kind of stuff on TV!

And to think: Veronique enjoys romantic dates in restaurants. Certainly, romance often leads to the kind of act you’re gonna see here, although, as Veronique pointed out to us, most of her dates do not cum on her face or in her throat.

“They usually cum in my slit,” Veronique said.

Veronique works in an office, and this is the majority passion she’s had in a long-time. She enjoys Tantric sex. That babe craves to have sex on a beach. That babe loves twat. This babe loves being observed. That babe is sexually aggressive and will let a guy know this babe craves him.

Why not? That babe already knows he urges her.

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Rita Daniels – Cum along with Rita

Cum along with Rita

Cum along with Rita

For a change, 65-year-old super-MILF and GILF Rita Daniels is by herself.

“I’m so lewd today,” bit-titted Rita says.

What else is fresh?

“I can not avoid thinking about rogering meat-thermometer.”

What makes today different from any other day?

“This buttplug feels so valuable in my booty. I just can’t prevent thinking about dick.”

Did she say buttplug?

“I’m going to need 2 fingers in this screwing cunt.”

Did that babe say rogering muff?

Rita calls herself a floozy. Her words, not ours, although we must agree.

This babe likewise says she needs two larger than standard, dark ramrods. This babe can be seen getting DP’d by 2 large, dark dicks right here at But a woman like Rita can not at any time acquire enough.

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Madison Paige – Horny, filthy ass-fucked MILF

Lascivious, bawdy ass-fucked SEXY HOUSEWIFE

Horny, obscene ass-fucked MILF

If you’re one for story lines, like teacher copulates her former first-year student or dude shags his majority jaw-dropping friend’s Mom, there is no story in this video. Unless, of course, you count “Hot, busty Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK sucks and copulates a larger than typical, dark-skinned jock and takes it up the ass” as a story.

The truth is, 46-year-old Madison Paige came to our studio for one reason: to fuck. To take large porn cocks in her face hole, twat and dark hole. Especially her butthole.

So, within the first 2 minutes of this scene, Madison has her stud’s penis in her mouth and she’s slurping all over it. Then this babe tells him to sit down so this babe can suck deeper, and that is exactly what that stud does and this babe does. This mistress has a lot of saliva.

After the cock-sucking is done, Madison lies back and widens her legs. She uses her fingers to pull open her pink flaps by the twat rings, then Stallion’s pecker slides right in. Since Madison’s bawdy cleft is even wetter than her throat, it is an simple slip.

Madison rides Stallion’s shlong then turns around and pounces on it. This babe rubs his dick and balls. She gets on all fours and acquires pounded doggystyle then acquires rogered missionary. That babe acquires one leg all the way back. Studhorse pushes his shlong in her butt, stretching out her sphincter. How can so much dick fit in such a taut gazoo? We do not know, but it does. And how can Madison’s butthole be so constricted when it is been fucked so often? We don’t know, but it is.

“Stuff that butt, baby,” Madison says as she opens her pink love tunnel (One of the superlatively wonderful things about watching a female getting ass-fucked is that we receive an unobstructed observe of her bawdy cleft, which often opens wider).

Madison receives ass-fucked reverse-cowgirl as that babe buzzes her like button with a vibrator. This babe is so turned on that this babe acquires on her knees and sucks her ass juices off Stallion’s ramrod. When a female does that, you know she’s super concupiscent and super smutty. Which is exactly what Madison is.

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