A Study In Brook

A Study In Brook

A Study In Brook

Brook Ultra loves being drilled from behind unsurpassable, especially when this babe is being controlled, restrained and bossed around.

“That’s why I like hog-ties utmost, cuz your arms are in back of you and your legs are up to your wrist and they bonk the shit without you and you can’t do anything about it.” So when Brook says she’s tied-up, that babe really means tied-up.

However, Brook can’t live without nice-nice when it comes to her melons. So tit-slapping is not her thing. That is something that mainly porn boys do to girls. Maybe a fuck buddy lightly tapping her marangos with his dick is okay. “A woman chaser can bite my areolas a little but not also hard. Be gentle.”

Like all hawt chicks, Brook likes to shop for impressive clothing that give fellows the high, unbending one. “I have a lingerie obsession. I go to underware stores 3 times a week. I like everything really slight and tight. I like shorts that expose my camel-toe. I likewise like to be in nature’s garb a lot.”

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