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Introducing our newest 60Plus MILF

Introducing our newest 60Plus HORNY HOUSEWIFE

Introducing our newest 60Plus MILF

It is always a large deal when we introduce a new 60Plus MILF. This week, it is time to need to know Sierra Fontaine, a 63-year-old divorcee, Mama and grandmother from Scottsdale, Arizona. Sierra is a tall (5’10”), thin, strawberry blonde with big fun bags, a constricted body and lengthy legs, and she is going to reveal u every inch of that body, including her very pink fur pie and bigger than typical clitoris.

“I grew up out of also much knowledge of sex and was a wall flower, so being adept to indulge in what I feel is the height of sexuality is a total turn-on,” Sierra said.

This day, we’ve solo pix and a video of Sierra. Thursday, she is intend to engulf and copulate cock on-camera for the 1st time…with a 24-year-old charmer.

Sierra has worked a diversity of nine-to-five jobs, mostly in accounting.

“I’d must say this will be the most-fun job I’ve ever had,” that babe told. “I’m randy to acquire started.”

We’re very amorous to watch her.

Sierra enjoys working out (that’s obvious), shooting, intend to motorcycle events and comedy lap dancing clubs, dining out and free and elementary happy hours. This babe says her perfect day would be “waking up without the alarm, making some coffee then going back to couch, putting on some porn and having sex all day lengthy, then going back to couch and playing with my toys.”

Would not u like to join her?

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63-year-old Sierra’s first on-camera fuck

63-year-old Sierra’s 1st on-camera copulate

63-year-old Sierra's first on-camera fuck

This scene was inspired by the test shots that 63-year-old Sierra Fontaine sent to In a scarcely any of those shots, which we reviewed in advance of deciding whether or not to invite Sierra for a photo shoot (an easy decision), Sierra was wearing a very fetishy dominatrix’s outfit. We like to make our MILFS and GILFs feel comfortable, so for Sierra’s first-ever on-camera fuck, we decided to have her be a cutie in a darksome, vinyl outfit that exposes off her captivating body.

“I consider myself to be a submissive/switch,” Sierra told. “I do like to play a female-dominant because I like multiformity.”

So, Sierra completely dominates 24-year-old Connor, although when a female like Sierra is mouthing and screwing your cock love she’s doing here, it is beautiful easy to submit to her demands.

Sierra is a divorcee, Mother and grandmother from Scottsdale, Arizona. That babe is 5’10” with long, thin legs and greater than typical, fake mammaries. We asked her if she is ever had sex with a much-younger buck, and that babe told, “Yes, and I love a juvenile, hot, unyielding body. I receive to say I love their stamina, and if they’re a multi-cummer, so much the better.”

Here, Connor cums once: all over Sierra’s glamorous face. It oozes down her chin and onto her wobblers during the time that Sierra smiles happily. We’re glad her 1st time was a worthy one. Now inspect the video.

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63-year-old Sierra dominates a 24-year-old

63-year-old Sierra dominates a 24-year-old

63-year-old Sierra dominates a 24-year-old

In this scene, her 1st on-camera shag, 63-year-old Mother, grandma and divorcee Sierra Fontaine dominates 24-year-old Connor.

When the scene opens, Sierra is putting on a dark-skinned, vinyl dominatrix-bitch outfit, tying it taut around her greater than typical bra-busters, and fuck-me shoes. Her nails are long and done up. That babe has lengthy legs, and she’s wearing a spiked bracelet. When Connor displays up, that babe commands him to get on his knees. This chab obeys and crawls toward her. She stands him up by his chin, touches his lips sensuously and leads him to her bedroom, where this babe grabs a whip.

“You will do as I say. U will call me your domina. Understood? You’ve been such a naughty ladies man. You get to be trained, do not u?”

She tells him to toss off his shlong.

“Get over there and take your alluring clothing off,” she demands.

“Yes, bitch angel,” that skirt chaser says meekly.

“Get those pants off! Pick that jock up! Jerk off it! Thinking about rubbing my wobblers whilst you are stroking that knob? Thinking about this precious, hot snatch during the time that you are stroking that rod?”

Damn right this chab is!

She instructs him to take off her sexy clothing, which this chap does, gladly. Then she binds his hands behind his back and has him take off her straps using his mouth.

“Lick my cookie,” Sierra says, lying back and spreading her legs.

He obeys.

“You crave me to engulf that strapon?” she asks.

“Yes, female-dom,” this chab says.

And within seconds, Sierra has her first porno dong down her mouth and pretty soon that babe is plan to have her 1st porno rod in her muff and then, later, her 1st load of porn cum in her mouth.

Congratulations, Sierra.

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Sierra Fontaine wants you to play with her

Sierra Fontaine desires you to play with her

Sierra Fontaine wishes u to play with her

“So there u are!” 63-year-old Sierra Fontaine says when this babe walks into your bedroom. She’s wearing a constricted little top that her nipps are pushing throughout, short shorts and heels. “You’re stroking your dick? I guess you need some assist. Let me see what’s under the covers. Oh, you are hiding that from me?

“I’d like to aid u out with that. Who were you thinking of when u were stroking your cock? Were you thinking of me? Would you adore to play with those larger than typical fun bags? Would you like to feel my good, hot snatch? Does that make your dick inflexible?”

Damn right it does! And, yeah, Sierra, we were thinking about you and your tight body, large zeppelins and long legs. Sierra is a newbie to, but it bears a resemblance to this babe can handle our dongs like a adept…or adore the skilled GILF she is.

The thing is, though, that Sierra doesn’t have as much experience as she’d crave.

“I became a swinger about four years agone,” said Sierra, who’s divorced and has children and grandchildren. “I was very open to it coz, unfortunately, I lived most of my life and 20-plus years in a sexless marriage and was not promiscuous, so I missed out on a lot during my earlier years.”

She’s making up for lost time.

“I adore to masturbate,” that babe said. “I cant get sufficient of it. I love to grab a toy or two and kill two birds with one stone, so speak. Let the warm water of a shower run all over me whilst I commence touching myself then cookie one or two of my toys to bring me to agonorgasmos, feeling refreshed inside and out.”

In this movie, Sierra invites you to jerk off your ramrod during the time that that babe strokes her pink slit and bigger than run of the mill clitoris. That is an offer u can’t refuse.

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A day at the pool with a 61-year-old granny

A day at the pool with a 61-year-old granny

A day at the pool with a 61-year-old granny

Today, we need to spend the day at the pool with Mia Magnusson, a 61-year-old divorcee, Mommy and grandmother who looks great in her little bikini. Almost all honeys her age would not dare to wear it, but Mia is very daring. After all, she’s one of the dick-sucking, pussy-eating, hard-fucking stars of the hit clip Granny Screw Disrobe club.

50Plus MILFs: Hi, Mia. How did u end up here?

Mia: A ally suggested I write to u, and I did. I do not bashful away from cameras and spotlights, whether it’s with sex or not. When you are younger, being awkward and timid, you’re a lot more inhibited and coyness, and, at least for honeys, u attach a great romantic expectation without sex, so you are always riding that high and low of broken hearts. When u acquire maturer, u can enjoy it for what it is: freer and more joy. And like I said, I’m not shy. I was a Polynesian dancer back home in Australia, and then I moved to Hawaii and learned new dances. I’ve been dancing since I was a little girl–ballet, jazz, and I ended up doing Polynesian and abdomen dancing professionally. Go-go lap dancing and dancing. I still do that occasionally.

50Plus MILFs: So here you’re, showing off your attractive body and having sex in videos like Granny Fuck Club, and you are 61 years mature. How do you feel about that?

Mia: Great! I used to tell lies about my age to make myself appear to be older and then I lied about my age to make myself appear to be younger, and now I’m truly telling the truth about my age, which is how it should be. Honeys this day are experienced to maintain a younger lifestyle for a lot longer, and, suddenly, younger sexy boy adore maturer babes. That works for me. I’m sure there have always been dudes like that, but for me, it is a recent phenomenon.

50Plus MILFs: Do u consider yourself a very sexual mistresse?

Mia: Definitely. I love sex. Sex is a part of life that I embrace. Love dancing, it can send u to that next level of bliss. I thought having sex on-camera would be a greater than standard jump and so nerve-wracking and scary, and it really isn’t. I do not know if that’s because I am an exhibitionist or coz I have a more-healthy attitude toward sex in general. And being here and shooting with all of those gracious, admirable honeys has been a great experience.

50Plus MILFs: Mia, thank’s.

Mia: Thank’s, and I hope everybody enjoys my scenes.

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70-year-old Mandy schools a young student

70-year-old Mandy schools a juvenile scholar

70-year-old Mandy schools a youthful student

It’s the first day at school for Connor, and he’s rented a room in Mandy Thai‘s abode. Fine for him. Very admirable for him, as it turns out. Mandy, who’s 70 years mature, reveals him to his room, sits with him on his ottoman and lays out the rules of the abode.

“No loud music. No parties. No drugs. No alcohol. And no sweethearts in this room. If a lady comes into this room, it is merely me, so if u need anything, please call me. I’ll be here to help u out.”

By the way, whilst she’s saying this, she’s fondelling his leg.

“You’re kinda cute,” that babe says. “What do u think about mature hotty’s? Have you ever had a aged female-dom in advance of?”

“No,” Connor says.

That is about to change.

“I’m intend to break you in,” this babe says.

As first days of school go, this is about to become a very wonderful one for juvenile Connor.

Mandy, what’s the maddest thing you have done sexually?

Mandy: I have had sex in a car, but that is not batty. On a beach, likewise.

Have you ever been caught?

Mandy: Yes, but when I was younger. We went to the drive-in movie scenes and some boy knocked on the door and made us prevent. And in an elevator. That’s joy.

So, Mandy, what do u think the difference is betwixt younger honey bunnys and maturer honey bunnys?

Mandy: An maturer lady has experience and that babe knows what this babe loves. This babe has more feelings and goes with the sex and doesn’t just lay there. This babe knows how to please a chap.

Why do u think younger men like older hotties?

Mandy: ‘coz plenty of youthful hot dudes do not know much about sex, so they want an older lady to educate them about sex so this smooth operator can learn and get experience. And I love turning a younger skirt chaser on. Fondelling his body. Touching his ears and his face. And giving him a oral. Showing him how to please a lady. Warm him up, turn him on and acquire him ready. I love to teach younger men how to please a headmistress.

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Mandy and The Fuck Machine

Mandy and The Bonk Machine

Mandy and The Screw Machine

Today, we must see a 70-year-old grandmother working out. Her name is Mandy Thai. You have already seen her showing off her hawt body and rogering youthful chaps on-camera for all the world to watch. Mandy is in spectacular shape, and this babe stays that way by working out on a regular basis. But while almost any people use all kinds of workout equipment and machines, this day, Mandy is using a different kind of machine.

A bonk machine.

The shag machine has a sextoy attached to it, and it’s gonna give her mature, pink, well-fucked but still-tight (and unshaved) fur pie a serious workout, drilling it each which way. Beats the crap with out any workout machine we have ever watched.

Mandy, how do you love to dress when u go out?

Mandy: I adore to costume young but not likewise sexy, not showing also much. It depends on the time and place. During the day, usually just jeans or shorts. I adore shorts ‘coz I love to reveal off my legs. And I workout four or five days a week, so tons of times I wear workout outfits. Ponytail. Caps. If people saw me on the street, they wouldn’t know it was Mandy Thai.

Do you think chaps like hair more than no hair on a woman’s pussy?

Mandy: I’ve no idea. Some dudes adore bushy. When I was webcamming, I had two kinds of males, some who liked hirsute and some who liked hairless. They’re all different. Some of them truly loved my hairy cookie. And they love Asian old women adore me. One lad said he wanted to suck my cum-hole and make me cum in his face hole.

Where do u llke boys to cum?

Mandy: I am not picky. If he desires to cum on my face, precious. If that chap craves to cum in my face hole or on my billibongs, wonderful, likewise. Cum on my legs, cum on my feet. Lads love to cum on my feet. They wish me to take my shoes off. Some dudes adore to cum on my heels. Some wanna cum on my stockings. They adore to see me wear stockings. Cum in my love tunnel. They crave me to wear glasses so they can cum on my glasses. They just want to cum everywhere, even in my hair.

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The Sally D’Angelo Anal Fuck Show

The Sally D’Angelo Anal Fuck Unveil

The Sally D'Angelo Anal Fuck Show

“I adore 10-Pounder in my wazoo,” super-GILF Sally D’Angelo says. “A worthy, larger than run of the mill, inflexible, tasty jock pumping my little ass. It acquires my cunt moist just thinking about having a bigger in size than typical rogering schlong in my booty.”

“The first time I had a jock in my a-hole? Well, I was a lot younger than I am now, but it was exciting. We were rogering, and the next thing I knew, there it was! It was so hawt. It made me so slutty, so moist.”

In this scene, as a prelude to taking a real jock in her wazoo, Sally takes out a toy, opens her legs and tanalizes her backdoor.

“You do not desire to just jam it up there with out a little tease, right?” Sally says.

Well, indeed, we do, but we’re ready to be gentlemen about it.

Then she stops teasing her rectal hole and pushes the toy deep inside. Her buck reveals up and screws her asshole with the toy. Sally’s really appreciating herself and cums for the first of many times in this movie scene. Then, with the toy still jammed inside her anus, that babe takes out his cock and sucks it. Notice how precious Sally is at sucking pecker and screwing her slit with a sextoy at the same time. That takes skill.

Then the gent fucks her mouth and giant milk sacks at the same time. That doesn’t take skill. It just takes instinct. He fucks her shaven vagina, and Sally makes those girlie groaning noises she’s illustrious for whilst talking obscene.

“I like that jock!” this babe says. “It makes my vagina feel so fine. Stick it right through my chest.”

And then this babe cums afresh and anew. And she still hasn’t had that ding-dong in her booty. But this babe lastly acquires the dick in her wazoo and has one analgasm after another.

The charmer? This man cums once. This chab squirts his cum in Sally’s throat, and she swallows every drop.

What a female!

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Ride Sally’s ass

Ride Sally’s a-hole

Ride Sally's ass

Sally D’Angelo is the kind of female-dominator who wears straps with beads sewed in so she can cum just from walking or even crossing her legs. And you’d not ever know it unless this babe told you. This babe does Kegel exercises to keep her slit tight for youthful knob.

“Everyone who’s drilled me knows I acquire very loud,” Sally told. “And it’s not fake either. That’s how I’m. I cum a lot when I have sex. If the boy is precious, or the angel is worthy, I’ll cum unbending. I can cum just sitting here talking about it practically. I know what I like sexually, and I know how to get it.”

Sally, who’s too a Mother and grandmother, has a humongous appetite for all things erotic.

“I adore to be as in nature’s garb as possible all the time. The less clothing I’ve on, the more precious. I walk around the house nude except for my heels. My hubby likes it. This charmer is a little perv. That’s why we fit. You know what they say, impure minds think alike. That stud loves to check out me shag in my videos and scenes and each place else. I love him watching. It makes me hot. I adore having his eyes on me while I am with another fellow.”

Some models dress in fat hot outfit when they come into and exit our studio. They love to be incognito. Not Sally. That babe will get without the car wearing ass shorts, a reservoir top and hot dancer heels. And this babe walks around town like that, also. We’ve not at all viewed Sally in an outfit that didn’t flaunt off her mellons, especially after she super-sized them.

In those images, Sally gives one of her renowned blow jobs then takes the stud’s humongous ding-dong in her muff and anal opening. But before the ass-fucking begins, the guy primes her rectal hole with a toy. ‘cuz that’s the gentlemanly thing to do. Yes, right.

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She’s 70, she has a hairy pussy and she’s getting fucked

She is 70, that babe has a unshaved cookie and she’s getting fucked

She's 70, this babe has a shaggy wet crack and she is getting fucked

We’ve a motto here at The mature the more precious. If a domme is hot, hawt and willing, she’s not at any time likewise aged for us.

“It’s very important for a woman to feel desired, so one day I decided to browse on the Internet, and I saw The SCORE Group,” Mandy Thai told when we asked her how this babe discovered us. “And I just called and sent in my images and you said, ‘We’d like to have u.’ And I told, ‘Wow, I am so concupiscent! I did not think you would accept me at 70 years aged.'”

As we said, the maturer the better. And in Mandy’s case, the sexier the better, too. This divorcee, Mother and grandmother, who rogered on-camera for the 1st time when that babe first took a bow in early August, is as concupiscent as they come, and we’re very happy that this babe is joined the exclusive strip club of 70Plus HORNY HOUSEWIVES.

Today, in pix and clips, Mandy is gonna suck dick and receive her shaggy wet crack banged by a chap who’s young sufficient to be her son, nearly young enough to be her grandson. And, yep, we told bushy vagina. Mandy is a natural woman. She is too a female who has smth to say…about how u should eat slit.

“I would tell him to listen to what that babe is saying,” Mandy said. “I’ll say to a gent, ‘Oh, just love that, baby.’ I’ll tell him what I wish, just like when I’m giving a boy a oral-sex, I urge him to tell me what he loves. It is a give and take so everyone enjoys it. Especially with a youthful dude. If I’m with him, I will educate him how to eat my bawdy cleft.”

Mandy’s consummate evening: “A good dinner followed by an evening of oral-sex.”

What that babe urges to do that she’s not at all done: “Sex with two studs at the same time. Maybe 3.”

She’s not a swinger. She’s a nudist. And what does that babe find hot? Romantic music? Mood brightening? Squishy touches and gropes?

“A hard, palpitating dong with a mushroom head,” this babe said.

Mandy, there are a lot of these out there right now. You are causing them.

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Cum to Mandy

Cum to Mandy

Cum to Mandy

“I love to costume juvenile but not also sexy, not showing likewise much,” said Mandy Thai, a 70-year-old divorcee, Mommy and grandmother from Califorinia who’s back for an encore. “It depends on the time and place. During the day, usually just jeans or shorts. I like shorts cuz I love to expose off my legs. And I workout four or five days a week, so a lot of times I wear workout outfits. Ponytail. Caps. If people saw me on the street, they would not know it was Mandy Thai.”

Mandy is definitely dressed sexily in this scene. This babe is wearing a taut, dark-skinned dress that is slitted in the front so u can watch her lace underware below. She is likewise wearing darksome fuck-me pumps. Little by little, it all comes off (except for the heels) so we can watch Mandy’s alluring, tan-lined funbags and widen, hirsute fur pie.

We asked Mandy if this babe thinks dudes love bushy wet crack more than shaved slit.

“I don’t know,” this babe said. “Some lads like hairy slit, some don’t. When I was webcamming, I had 2 kinds of guys: some who liked hairy vagina and some who liked shaved vagina. They’re all different. Some of them indeed loved it. And they like Oriental mature hotty’s like me. One lad told that smooth operator wanted to suck my snatch and make me cum in his throat.”

Sounds like a priceless idea. In this scene, Mandy cums in your face.

“I like excitement,” Mandy said. “I love kissing and touching. I adore when it’s romantic. I love making love, not fucking. I love when the guy is giving a kiss me and fondelling me and moving his hands all over my body and kissing my melons. I love oral-stimulation. I adore when the gent eats my love tunnel…if the charmer knows how to do it.”

Later this week, Mandy is gonna have sex with a lad who knows how to eat her cookie. But first, savour having her all to yourself.

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The nerd has a BBC for Cashmere

The nerd has a BBC for Cashmere

The nerd has a BBC for Cashmere

“I desire people to savour what they watch, and I hope they relish me,” 60-year-old divorcee and Mother Cashmere told. “There is a little part of me that is nervous about this being out there for anyone to watch, but it’s exciting, too, not knowing who’s going to watch me.”

We’re all intend to see u, Cashmere! We’re gonna watch you engulfing and screwing Jack’s big, youthful, black pecker, and then we’re plan to see him glazing your charming face with his cock juice. We’re intend to have enjoyment it, and one of the reasons we’re gonna savour it is that u obviously relish it so much.

“I do enjoy sex,” Cashmere said. “I was married to the same guy for Twenty three years, then we got divorced and everything changed. The first time one more fellow kissed me, I was shocked ‘coz that lady-killer brought out this excitement in me that I didn’t know was there anymore, and when you are older, you’ve a little fear. I just felt this excitement inside of me and I wanted to take it further, so I started having sex with different people, and I indeed enjoyed it. I have learned a lot. I’ve done more things now sexually than I had in the previous 25 years. It is a liberating experience. It is an empowering experience.”

Cashmere first came to us when that babe was Fifty eight years old. That babe was born in Ohio and lives in Arizona. She’s slender and measures a hawt 36-28-36 with priceless, firm love muffins. That babe used to be an inward designer. This babe enjoys aged videos, her fantasy car is a Tesla and she can’t live out of to check out NBA games (much loved team: Cleveland Cavaliers). We asked her if the people this babe knows would be surprised to see her here, and this babe said, “Yes! I only desire a choose hardly any to know about this. My family would not understand.”

Works for us, Cashmere. It’ll be our hot little secret.

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Cashmere’s BBC study break

Cashmere’s BBC study break

Cashmere's BBC study break

Jack is studying for his final exam when Cashmere walks in, wearing glasses, looking a bit studious herself.

“You’re a rigid worker. Do you ever take a little break?” this babe asks him.

“Not truly,” Jack says. “I’m actually focused on getting into this university.”

“I understand that,” she says, “but you know, sometimes u need a break.”

And exactly what kind of break does this 60-year-old divorcee and Mom have in mind? Maybe Jack should courting his allies? Nope. Jack is a total nerd. This lady-killer doesn’t have many allies. No girlfriend. Doesn’t play sports. That stud likes to go to the library. Read. Study. All that fun stuff.

But Cashmere is gonna loosen him up a little. That babe is plan to show him some relaxation techniques. Among these techniques: mouthing and stroking his bigger in size than standard, black cock. Having him bonk her constricted GILF muff. And letting him unload his tension–in the manner of a bigger than typical load of cum–all over her nice-looking face.

And now Jack is actually willing for that university: This chab is definitely smart enough, and now that buck knows, ‘coz Cashmere taught him, how to fuck. Hey, there is more to high school than just studying, u know.

But there is just one thing: Now that Jack has had a lascivious, aged girl, this woman chaser is not gonna urge to bonk his boy-friend co-eds. He’s plan to wanna bonk his woman teachers. No thing not right with that!

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