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Rita gets ready

Rita receives willing

Rita acquires ready

“They say at a certain age, hotties just stop caring about themselves, about getting amorous,” Rita Daniels says at the begin of the episode. “I wonder what age that’s because I sure am ready for you, baby. I urge your bigger in size than average jock. I can watch it getting indeed hard in your pants.”

Rita is 69 years aged, and that babe clearly has not avoided caring about how that babe looks, and that babe definitely still cares about being slutty. Her lengthy, darksome, luxurious, darksome hair is flowing over her shoulders. Her nails are freshly manicured with red nail polish. She is wearing hawt underware that exposes off her bigger in size than standard bra buddies and tight body. Her nylons hug her long, curvy legs. This is a woman.

That babe takes out her juggs. They’re big and tan-lined. Very wonderful. She plays with her bra buddies and spits on them. That babe spreads her pussy, sucks on a pink marital-device then pokes it inside her cunt. This babe rides that dong toy with her slit, then she says, “Do u desire to copulate me in my rectal hole?” She slides it in there, too, then that babe lies back, widens her legs and shags her asshole with the toy and her cookie with her fingers. When her fingers come out of her slit, they’re very moist.

“I’m definitely more of an exhibitionist on-camera than I am in real life,” Rita told. “It all depends on where I’m and what I am doing. Sometimes I’m a real exhibitionist. If I’m out partying on South Beach, I am completely different. But when I’m home and in grandma mode and having valuable times with my grandkids, you’d by no means know I was a pornstar. I have a lot of different sides.”

In this episode, Rita is getting willing. By sliding that toy in her constricted booty and her fingers in her love tunnel, she’s getting willing for the action that starts tomorrow. Tomorrow, Rita will be air-tight: one pecker in her mouth, one pecker in her slit and one shlong in her booty. It’ll be the 1st air-tight scene ever at our websites.

Are you willing for her?

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Rita Daniels’ first air-tight scene: the video

Rita Daniels’ first air-tight scene: the video

Rita Daniels' 1st air-tight scene: the video

Rita Daniels is celebrating her 69th birthday and her 10th year with and, and she is invited three men to her party. They’re all young, one of ’em has a big, darksome cock, and they sing “Happy Birthday” to her. But this babe doesn’t want cake.

“I think I must put that on some of your cocks and suck it up,” that babe says.

“I hope you like some meat with your cake,” one of the lads says.

Yeah. Rita can’t live with out meat. Likes it, in fact: one in her mouth, one in her slit and one in her a-hole at the same time. Rita’s celebrating her 69th/10th with her first air-tight scene and the 1st air-tight scene we’ve ever discharged.

“I am bringing 69 back,” that babe says.

Can u believe this hot, hawt Mother and grandmother will turn 70 next year?

“I say it and I can not wrap my mind around it,” Rita said. “I don’t feel 70 and I do not feel adore I look 70. They say, at a certain age, vixens just prevent caring about themselves and prevent getting slutty. I wonder what age that might be?”

For Rita, that age is definitely not 69.

“Oh, gosh, I don’t have an expiration date. There’s nowhere on my body where it says ‘Best if used by,’ so just keeping using me.”

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Rita Daniels’ first air-tight: the photos

Rita Daniels’ 1st air-tight: the pics

Rita Daniels' 1st air-tight: the photos

The scene you are about to see–photos of Rita Daniels‘ 1st ever air-tight fuckathon–started with an email from Rita to our studio manager. Wrote Rita:

“I’ve really enjoyed working with The SCORE Group. I wanted to bring to your attention that in June, I turn 69 and will have been shooting for The SCORE Group for 10 years. It would be attractive if u would wish to shoot me celebrating this memorable milestone.

“One thought is shooting an air-tight scene having three hot juvenile men filling me up to a birthday orgasm! But whatever you elect is always admirable with me. It is merely a suggestion. Anew, thanks so much for a alluring 10 years with the paramount out there.”

Solely a suggestion? Although we’ve shot many Dual Penetration scenes, including three starring Rita, we had not ever shot an air-tight scene in the history of The SCORE Group. But Rita’s suggestion was one we had to action upon.

And so, more fantastic late than at no time (Rita turned 69 in June), here are the photos of Rita’s first-ever air-tight scene: one dong in her throat, one pecker in her muff and another in her arse at the same time. The bucks are almost young enough to be her grandsons. One of them has a greater than typical, darksome schlong. All three ram her fuck holes and cum all over this hawt granny’s throat.

“I thought it was charming,” Rita told after she’d been thoroughly filled and glazed. “Stirling, Mike and Scotty were completely ideal. They banged me so nice, they were completely in-sync and I got to do everything in the scene that I was fantasizing about. The merely thing we didn’t do was having one cum on my fur pie, one cum in my booty and one cum in my throat. Instead, they all came all over my face and in my throat. But it was really valuable. I ate a lot of cum and it was bewitching.”

Glad birthday, Rita! And happy 10 years at and!

Episode the next day. It’s gonna be epic.

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Rita Daniels: Prelude to air-tight, Part One

Rita Daniels: Prelude to air-tight, Part One

Rita Daniels: Prelude to air-tight, Part One

This week at, we’re celebrating Rita Daniels‘ 10th anniversary as a SCORE Group model. When we asked her how this babe would have responded if anybody had said her back in 2009 that she’d still be going powerful in 2019, Rita said. “I probably would’ve just laughed. I actually didn’t know it was going to be such a pleasure adventure and that I would actually receive into it love I’ve. I’ve had boyz in airports come up to me and say, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re Rita Daniels.’ I’ve had a lot of firsts with the SCORE Group, and I urge to thank you from the bottom of my heart for 10 years of all those firsts.”

Among the firsts: Rita’s first screw scene, first interracial, 1st anal, 1st interracial anal, first threesome, 1st anal 3some, 1st three-way with a goddess and a stud, first Dual Penetration, 1st six-way with five other GILFs in Granny Fuck Club. Rita has done it all at and, and later this week, Rita is intend to celebrate one more first: her first air-tight scene…one jock in her throat, one in her love tunnel and some other in her ass at the same time.

“I did not think we were gonna be professional to pull it off,” Rita told.

But she did, and you’ll watch the photos on Wednesday and the clip on Thursday.

1st, however, we’re kicking off the week with this 69-year-old super-granny in solo act. She is wearing super-sexy underware that shows off her large titties and smoking body along with patterned nylons and, as always, fuck-me pumps. This babe acquires her titties out then lies back, widens her legs and unveils off her very pink, still very constricted love tunnel. Then this babe copulates her vagina and her butt with a very bigger in size than average toy.

“I wanted to acquire ready for my air-tight scene,” Rita told, “and I thought this would be the superlatively fine way.”

Rita has become such a bigger in size than standard star–magazine covergirl, numerous DVDs, including the recently released Rita Daniels, devoted entirely to her–that it’s easy to forget her humble beginnings. Back in 2009, she was a salesperson and Mother who hardly ever watched porn, although she had done some exotic dancing in swingers lap dancing clubs. And then….

“A talent scout who had submitted some gals to you in the past asked if I would be interested, and I laughed and told, ‘Oh, yeah, sure, they’re gonna desire a Fifty nine year mature woman.’ I thought it was some kind of a joke. But I figured, ‘Well, let’s give it a discharged. I doubt if they’re intend to take me.’

“And lo and behold, I got a letter back that u wanted me to fly to Miami to do a discharge. So I thought, ‘Okay, let’s give it a try,’ and 10 years later, I’m still here shooting for The SCORE Group. I thought it was gonna be a one-time shot. I didn’t have any plans or grand ideas about being a celebrated sex star or everything adore that. I did it cuz I could. ‘cuz I was invited by you men.”

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Our newest 70-year-old, Mandy Thai

Our newest 70-year-old, Mandy Thai

Our newest 70-year-old, Mandy Thai

The debut of a hot fresh 70-year-old is a stupendous event at We’re very contented to introduce Mandy Thai, who was born on the 4th of July, turned 70 just a scarcely any weeks agone and is here to brandish off her hawt body and, later in the week, bonk.

This is Mandy’s week at Solo pics today, solo episode the next day, shag photos on Wednesday and copulate episode on Thursday. The lad she’ll be sucking and fucking is youthful enough to be her grandson. But first, we get to appreciate her glamorous body in those sexy pool side fotos. Mandy, who’s from Thailand, sheds her swimsuit, fingers her cunt and spreads her arse. Her cunt features a worthy growth of hair. She’s rightfully proud of her body.

“Older chicks have experience, and that babe knows what this babe likes,” Mandy told us. “And that babe has more feeling, and this babe goes with the sex. She’s not going to just lay there. That babe knows how to please a guy. Dudes like a lady who knows what she’s doing.”

Mandy is that female. That babe lives in California. She is divorced. That babe is a Mother and a grandmother. And she decided to become an adult model when “a friend of mine thought it would be neat to try it out. I did not know it would be so much enjoyment, also.”

We asked Mandy if the people this babe knows would be surprised to see her here, and she said, “Yes, probably when they watch how fine I look nude.”

Mandy enjoys playing tennis and going for lengthy walks on Malibu Beach. This babe loves studs who are assertive, intelligent and daring. And that babe describes her perfect evening as “a nice dinner followed by an evening of blow job.”

Mandy, we have already made the reservations!

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XXX sex lesson from a 70-year-old GILF

XXX sex lesson from a 70-year-old GILF

XXX sex lesson from a 70-year-old GILF

Today’s clip is a bit unconventional, and not just cuz a 31-year-old stud is having sex with a 70-year-old female. That alone is sufficient to make us randy. It’s not smth you watch daily, although it’s something u see at more than anywhere else.

What we mean is that this movie scene is different from majority of our other vids because it opens–egads!–with that shirtless ladies man talking to us. But do not despair. There’s a method to our madness. In a series of brief interview segments, Sam, the lad, tells us why younger dudes love old women (and why this chab thinks mature vixens love younger males), and Mandy Thai, the 70-year-old female, tells us why that babe prefers younger fellows and why younger guys like old honey bunnys.

Mandy, by the way, is wearing a hawt costume that barely covers her bumpers. Sam cant take his eyes off of her, and when Mandy says she’s intend to teach him how to please an maturer domina, his eyes light up.

Lots of this scene is discharged P.O.V., so it’s your penis in Mandy’s face hole and unshaved cunt, and then it’s you cumming all over her beautiful face. This is Mandy’s hardcore video initial debut, and it’s a worthy one (with more to come).

Mandy is 5’3″ and weighs 124 pounds. She’s Thai-American and lives in Los Angeles. This babe enjoys playing tennis and going for walks on Malibu Beach. We asked her if that babe usually wears briefs, and this babe said, “Sometimes. Unless I am on a sexy date.”

Her perfect day: “A precious dinner followed by an evening of blowjob.”

How she dresses when she is out in public: “I love high heels and skimpy fetching raiment.” She’s wearing the one and the other in this scene.

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70-year-old GILF fucks 31-year-old guy

70-year-old GILF screws 31-year-old lad

70-year-old GILF bonks 31-year-old guy

We called this posting “70-YEAR-OLD GILF BONKS 31-YEAR-OLD GUY” coz we figured that would be enough to get everyone’s attention. If Mandy Thai, the 70-year-old lady in those fotos, strolled into a restaurant or down the street on the arm of Sam, the 31-year-old dude in those photos, each head would turn in their direction. Every eye would be on the “old bitch beauty and the guy.”

Which would be fine with Mandy, who’s a wife, a Mommy and a grandmother.

“Younger guys have worthy bodies and turn me on,” that babe said.

“We’ve got plenty of sexual energy,” Sam said. “I do not know if the maturer studs can keep up,” As for younger boys preferring maturer babes, this charmer told, “Older honey bunnys have a higher sex drive and know what they urge.”

Mandy: “An maturer babes has experience, and she knows what this babe can’t live without, and this babe has more feeling and that babe goes with the sex and doesn’t lay there. She knows how to please a stud. Old babes know what they’re doing.”

But this babe likewise said, “Younger bucks don’t know a lot about sex, so they wish maturer hotty’s to educate ’em about sex so they can experience and learn.”

Here, Mandy teaches Sam how to please a 70-year-old who has a very high sex drive.

By the way, the oldest female Sam had ever had sex with in advance of hooking up with Mandy was 60 years mature.

U know what they say: Once you go 70, u never go back.

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Thai pussy

Thai snatch

Thai pussy

Mandy Thai, a 70-year-old wife and granny, continues her bigger than run of the mill week at with a sexy solo movie. That babe is by the pool on a sunny day in Los Angeles, California, and that babe is wearing a bathing dress. How many 70-year-olds do u know who are daring sufficient to wear a skimpy bathing costume? Scarcely any, right? On top of that, she’s got on high heels.

Turns out Mandy doesn’t just look hot. This babe is hawt. She tells us so. She asks you if you’d like to put lotion on her body. Damn right! So Mandy takes us to a more-secluded spot. That babe squirts the white ram with out the bottle and lets her hands roam over her body. That babe rubs the spunk into her milk sacks, which are now out of her bikini top. She has precious tan lines and rock hard areolas. In advance of lengthy, that babe is untying her swim costume bottom and vigorously rubbing her wet crack. Then that babe pushes 2 fingers inside her pink shag box, and we can hear how soaked this babe is.

By the way, Mandy has an old-fashioned pussy: It has hair on it. It is a very worthwhile cum-hole. Very pink with thick pink flaps. It gapes when that babe pulls out her fingers. This is prime old wet crack, well-fucked and ready for more.

More, we told? Yep, more. Tomorrow and Thursday, Mandy gets banged by a hung porn skirt chaser.

But this day, it is just u and her.

“I love high heels and skimpy garments,” Mandy told us. “I wanna have two studs at one time. Maybe three.”

Mandy has been a nudist for over 45 years, but that babe isn’t a swinger.

“I thought about it and came close, but I am still a virgin in that respect.”

Hey, a female has to have her restrictions. We wonder if we’ll discover Mandy’s.

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Two cocks for Mia Magnusson

2 ramrods for Mia Magnusson

Two knobs for Mia Magnusson

Alex and Jake are out in the heat on a summer day in South Florida, working rock hard. Mia Magnusson, a 61-year-old Mom and grandmother and one of the stars of the clip Granny Copulate Strip club, invites them in from the sun. This babe is wearing a hot dress that brandishes off her long, lean body.

“You know, dudes,” that babe says, when they click this link, “why don’t u take your fetching clothes off and I’ll wash ’em for you. They’re kind of filthy.”

Oldest HORNY HOUSEWIFE trick in the book. And when they’re stripped, Mia tells them, “I got u right where I urge u, and my boyfriend isn’t gonna be home until the next day.”

And that’s how Mia’s 1st on-camera three-way with 2 boys whose combined age barely equals hers begins. That babe is already had a three-way with some other dominatrix (Luna Azul) and a chap. Now she’s getting her mouth and fur pie drilled at the same time and her gorgeous face glazed with cum.

“I used to fib about my age to make myself look older and then I lied about my age to make myself look younger and now I am truly telling the truth about my age,” Mia told. “Women today are experienced to maintain a younger lifestyle for a lot longer, and suddenly, younger dudes love older hotty’s. That works for me. I am sure there’s always been people like that, but I suppose it is a new phenomenon.”

It’s not fresh for us. We have known it all along.

“I was a Polynesian dancer in Australia, in a floor show, and then I moved to Hawaii and learned fresh dances,” Mia told. “I’ve been dancing since I was a little angel. Ballet, jazz, and I ended up doing Polynesian and abdomen exotic dancing professionally. Go-go exotic dancing and exotic dancing. I still do that occasionally.”

Mia enjoys painting, fashion design, singing and swimming. She craves to go swimming with sharks.

“I’ve swam with dolphins and seals,” this babe told. “I’m charming adventurous.”

But she’s at not time been as adventurous as she is here. Have pleasure the flaunt!

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Mia fucks two young studs

Mia shags two young guys

Mia shags 2 young studs

In her return to, 61-year-old Mia Magnusson sucks and copulates 2 lads whose combined age is just a year aged than hers. That’s hawt! At least Mia thinks it is. Truly, judging by the way the two bucks glaze her gracious face at the end of this scene, they think it is hawt, likewise.

Mia is divorced. She is a Mama and a grandmother. That babe is too one of the stars of the episode Granny Screw Lap dancing club. In that flick, she has a three-way with Luna Azul and a juvenile guy and likewise has her bawdy cleft eaten by the co-members of the lap dancing club.

“I adore sex, and sex is just a part of life that I embrace,” Mia told. “Like exotic dancing, it can put u into that next level of bliss. When you are younger, you are a lot more inhibited and shy, and, at least for women, u attach a great romantic expectation with out sex, so you are always riding that high and low of broken hearts, and when you acquire aged, u can relish it for what it’s. Freer and more pleasure.”

What Mia is saying is that that babe has no intention of in a relationship with or marrying either of the two studs in this scene. They’ve got what this babe wishes. That babe has what they desire.

“I thought [having sex on-camera] would be a big jump and so nerve-wracking and scary, and it truly isn’t,” Mia said. “I do not know if that’s ‘cuz I am an exhibitionist or ‘cuz I have a more-healthy attitude toward sex in general. I don’t timid away from cameras and spotlights, whether it’s with sex or not.”

Mia was born in Australia and lives in Las Vegas. That babe is 5’7″ with long legs. She’s been a dancer. She has too managed rock bands. This babe came to our attention “when a friend suggested I write to u, and I did!”

We’re glad this babe did. So are Jake and Alex. They’re the chaps savouring her in this scene.

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71-year-old Christina Starr returns

71-year-old Christina Starr returns

71-year-old Christina Starr returns

Great 70Plus HORNY HOUSEWIVES are unyielding to find. Let’s face it: Majority 70somethings don’t have the body or the willingness to pose exposed and bonk on-camera for all the world to see. So when the opportunity arose for us to devote a second week to 71-year-old wife, Mother and grandmother Christina Starr, we couldn’t resist.

Today: solo pics.

Tuesday: solo episode.

Wednesday: images of Christina banging 25-year-old Oliver Flynn. Do the math: Oliver is easily young sufficient to be Christina’s grandson. This skirt chaser isn’t, certainly, but you know what we’re saying.

Thursday: movie scene of Christina and Oliver fucking.

Not likewise many 70-year-olds have four days adore Christina is about to have.

“I’m truly a lady who loves bucks,” Christina told us.

And we’re fellows who like Christina. Today, Christina shows off her greater than standard juggs and hirsute snatch. She opens up her pink slit and makes her chocolate hole gape.

“I’m still as sexual as I ever have been,” said Christina, who’s from New Orleans. “I adore to be touched everywhere. I adore to have a man’s hands on my body all the time. I am insatiable when it comes to that. I’ve very sensitive nipps and, of course, my snatch is very sensitive, too. I love to have my love button massaged, and I adore penetration. I too like fingers. I adore to be finger-fucked.

“I’m just a wild, kooky free-spirit.”

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Christina fucks her grandson’s friend

Christina copulates her grandson’s friend

Christina bonks her grandson's friend

So you’re lying in sofa on a inactive day, savouring your prefered web page (that would be, watching monster boobed granny Sally D’Angelo banging 2 boys. Your weenie is out, as it should be, and you are doing what just about any skirt chaser would be doing in this situation: jacking off. After all, u think you are alone.

But then you realize you’re not alone: One more hot GILF-not Sally, of course, but your best friend’s grandmother–of all people–is watching u. And she’s not appalled by what you are doing. That babe is interested. Very intrigued. And since your knob is already rock hard and out…well, a lascivious woman love Christina is of the opinion that a juvenile, hard jock is a terrible thing to waste.

So this babe doesn’t waste it, and before u know it, you have put down your smartphone and are appreciating the real thing. A hot granny is mouthing and screwing your ramrod. You blast your load all over her face, and this babe rubs it in.

“I’d more outstanding acquire without here before your grandson comes back. This stud can not watch us like this,” you say after you have emptied your balls.

“Oh, baby, any time,” that babe says.

Don’t you want all grannies were love this? At, they are!

For the record, Christina is 71 years mature. Her grandson’s friend is merely Twenty five.

Too for the record, Christina likes juvenile ramrod. And youthful knob can’t live with out Christina.

What satisfies Christina best: “Penetration. Just getting screwed.”

Hey, that is effortless sufficient.

“My husband has read your magazines for years,” Christina told. “He thought I’d be consummate.”

This buck was spot-on.

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71-year-old Christina fucks a 25-year-old

71-year-old Christina copulates a 25-year-old

71-year-old Christina copulates a 25-year-old

Oliver is in bed when 71-year-old Christina Starr walks in on him. He’s jacking off whilst watching Sally D’Angelo fucking two bucks at, and the sight of him playing with himself makes her lascivious.

“What were you looking at?” Christina says as Oliver tries to cover up.

“Nothing,” that stud protests.

It didn’t look like no thing.

“I know what you were looking at,” Christina says. “You were looking at older sweethearts.”

“I can’t believe you saw that. It is supposed to be a secret,” that lady-killer says.

“Oh, it’s more than alright,” that babe says, sitting down and stroking his leg. “Older babes adore younger dudes. Did you know that?”

“I didn’t know that,” that fellow says.

“You were here to watch my grandson, right?”

She keeps stroking his leg.

“You’re making one of my fantasies come true,” this man says.

“So let us make it happen,” she says.

She makes it happen by engulfing his weenie and balls and then letting his 25-year-old weenie shag her Seventy something love tunnel and cum in her throat. As for the grandson, this chab not at all flaunts up, and that’s all for the superlatively good, right?

For the record, although Christina is married and has children and grandchildren, she is a cougar.

“I was 63 when I was courting a hot 26-year-old,” she told us. “He was absolutely into older babes.”

But the age difference is even greater here. And just in case you are wondering how 25 goes into 71…very well.

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