A DP for Tammy Jean

A DP for Tammy Jean


Tammy Jean is an art teacher, but her students, Matt and Max, aren’t paying any attention to their artwork. They’re paying attention to the work of art that’s teacher’s body, mainly her bigger than run of the mill, chunky meatballs. They cant take their eyes off of ’em, and judging by the way she’s clothed, Tammy doesn’t wish them to.

This babe gives ’em a better look by unbuttoning her top, and from that point on, it is pencils down, cocks up. Tammy goes back and forth mouthing their jocks, then they take turns on her vagina, and before long, they’re double-stuffing the teacher, DPing her for all she’s worth. She’s worth a lot.

Tammy Jean is a 44-year-old divorcee and Mama from the Czech Republic, and this is her first screw at 40SomethingMag.com. It’s a valuable one. How many sweethearts acquire DP’d in their 40SomethingMag.com launch? Hardly any. None that we know of. But Tammy gets what Tammy craves, and this babe wanted to be DP’d, so we gave her two of our foremost. Not 2 of our foremost students. 2 of our topmost bucks. They glaze her face until their cum is dripping down her chin and onto her boobies. Yep, those milk cans are worth two bigger in size than standard loads.

Tammy is from Brno. She enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and flirting. We’re guessing she’s very priceless at the latter. That babe usually doesn’t wear knickers. This babe is a camgirl. This babe is too a nurse. We asked her if that babe is ever had sex with a much-younger smooth operator, and this babe told, “Sure. Ten guys.”

Why does that not surprise us?

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