Aaliyah Love

Aaliyah Love Aaliyah Love
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Like majority vixens who are married to wealthy bucks, Aaliyah Love has a "personal trainer". You know…these are the males who put their client-wives through a "workout" and make them sweat. Aaliyah’s "PT", Isiah, sure does make her sweat. Also bad they’ve not at all one time used her in-home Fitness Centre for its intended purpose! All they use it for is some other room in the abode to screw. Isiah puts all his MILF "clients" through the same, perspired routine: drop to the knees to engulf, then bend over to receive stretched out. This time things are a bit different. Hubby comes home early! At 1st, that woman chaser attempted to put Aaliyah in her place; however, it’s Aaliyah who is the "A Dog" in this relationship, and previous to u know, Hubby’s getting indoctrinated into the cuckold lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle he have to accept, or it’s time for Divorce Court, where he’ll lose a hawt wife…and half his net worth.

Aaliyah Love Aaliyah Love

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