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Alexis Fawx flaunts and tells

Alexis Fawx brandishes and tells

40SOMETHING: How do you feel about turning Fourty?
ALEXIS: It’s wondrous. I feel love I’m getting younger truly. I feel great. I feel better than I ever have. I’m definitely healthier and more fit than I ever have been in my whole life, so I am appreciating it.
40SOMETHING: You are not a SEXY HOUSEWIFE, are you?
ALEXIS: No, no children. I guess that makes me a cougar.
40SOMETHING: Merely if you go after younger sexy studs. Do you?
ALEXIS: I do. I mean, I am not discretionary just on age, but I do like some younger hot Lothario.
40SOMETHING: U are from?
ALEXIS: Pennsylvania. In a very dunky town. My graduating class was 500 in high-school. It felt so miniature, I had to leave as soon as I graduated high school.
40SOMETHING: If they would have had a poll in your senior year, would u have been voted gal majority likely to do porn?
ALEXIS: I was voted the most flirtatious at one point so maybe. I do not think it’s a surprise to the not many people who do know me back home, so it is a possibility. I won’t say no. I knew how to have a admirable time.
40SOMETHING: Previous to you got into porn, what were u doing for work?
ALEXIS: I was a paralegal and previous to that I was in the Air Power.
40SOMETHING: You’re not the 1st paralegal who’s come throughout here. What is it about paralegals?
ALEXIS: They have us pent up in an office in this little cubicle and they overwork us to death. We’re sexually frustrated and we just wanna bonk our brains out. We’ve to deal with those uptight, aggressive attorneys all the time. We just wanna dominate them and put them on their knees. It is very frustrating.
40SOMETHING: Have you ever done that, acquire a lawyer down on his knees and maybe slap him around a little?
ALEXIS: No, but I think I’d truly enjoy that.

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