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This scene widens with a story. A true story. It’s said by a Black Knob Floozy called Ashely Adams, and it begins with Ashley about to close the sandwich shop where this babe works. It is been a long day, and she detests last minute customers…cause all she wants to do is go home to her husband. But this last-minute customer is different. He is a darksome smooth operator, and this changes Ashley’s mood. As this babe continues her story, you’ll hear how that babe winds up in his car an hour later, getting tag-teamed out by the bull that babe barely knows. As that babe concludes her tale, in walks The King, Mandingo, who proceeds to screw about 8 orgasms without this sweet, barely-legal BCS (many are gushing orgasms) previous to Dingo drops an incredibly large spunk bomb down her throat. What’s left for Ashley? Cleaning up her mess, of course!
Ashley Adams Ashley Adams
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