British Big Boobed Boss Lady

British Larger than average Boobed Boss Mistress

British Big-Boob Boss Lady

Miss Harmony Reigns is the chic boss lady of a British lingerie and below garment company. It would be ideal to say that things are bouncing along nicely but it’s a high stress business with plenty of competition and counterfeiters. One stressful problem Miss Reigns currently has is finding a capable assistant. This babe is watched many and none of them are fit to hook her bras. “All they want to do is just see my zeppelins,” Harmony bemoans.

The big boobed brunette executive’s last applicant of the day is a gentleman with the decidedly non-British name of Lutro. After Harmony explains in detail what her company does and what this babe needs, Lutro says in busted English that that chap did not understand anything that babe told. This might have been the wrap-up to Harmony’s draining day but instead of showing him the door, that babe gives a decision to explain again non-verbally, taking off her own below garment and handing it to Lutro to demonstrate her company’s products. An ingenious technique, if you ask a breast-man.

With her big, stripped pantoons not covered by her blouse, Harmony sits next to Lutro. That man is holding the undergarment but he’d rather hold Harmony’s bigger in size than run of the mill bristols. And that is what this chab does next. His tit play receives her sexy and she kneels over him, taking his junk out. It is a whopper. Harmony pops it in her throat and it has the appearance of Lutro’s got himself a fresh job in a company pumped up to make tit dudes glad.

A gal whose prefered rogering position is doggy position, Harmony can’t live out of large boners and doesn’t care much for foreplay. She’d rather receive down to the oral stimulation and the rogering. And she can’t live with out eating slit, also. “I like a nice love tunnel in my face,” says Harmony.

The life of a femdom-goddess executive has its ups and downs. And in Harmony’s case, tons of tit-shaking and hanging.

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