Built for comfort

Pumped up for comfort

Built for comfort

It’s a alluring day to spend by the pool with 46-year-old cougar Cora Comfort. She is looking very sexy in heels and a thong bathing dress that displays off her big whoppers and shapely butt. She sits on a lounge and rubs lotion onto her legs during the time that we eye her overflowing mambos. This babe pours the creamy, white lotion on her arms and shoulders and rubs it in not fast. This babe knows we’re watching.

“Aren’t you the pool lad?” she asks. “Why are you just staring me? U should be cleaning the pool. I bet u have a unbending penis in these trousers.”

Hey, how’d she know that?

“I can watch the outline.”

Oh, that is how.

“Your staring at me turns me on. It receives me all lascivious. Do u desire to take care of me or take care of the pool?”

Her. Definitely her.

She takes her marangos out. Yes, definitely. We wanna take care of her, and judging by how rigid her teats are, this babe wishes us to take care of her, likewise.

But Cora is all by her lonesome, and she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She takes off her thong and spreads her legs to display us her pink, curly slit. Then this babe rubs and fingers it unfathomable until that babe cums.

We asked Cora if she is hornier than she used to be, and this babe told, “Yes, definitely. I kept thinking that my sex drive was gonna take a little dip, but I am mad hornier than I have ever been. I’m fixated on this idea of having a bang. So it hasn’t dwindled for me. I think honey bunnys are just infinite with their sexuality. Some sweethearts have a dip at menopause, but that won’t happen for me until my late 60s. That is when it happens for all the hotty’s in my family. So I guess I’ll just be in heat till then.”

Worthy by us. No problem with that. None at all.

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