Carrie Ann’s got talent

Carrie Ann’s got talent

Carrie Ann's got talent

How many SEXY HOUSEWIVES does it take to change a light bulb?

In this case, Carrie Ann, a 47-year-old Mommy from Kentucky, doesn’t indeed need Sean to change her lightbulb. She’s perfectly capable of doing it herself. Moreover, there is no thing not correct with the lights. This babe just needed an excuse to lure him to her place.

Now, if you ask us, a bitch girl adore Carrie Ann doesn’t need to make up reasons to get a lad to her place, even if this Lothario is nearly youthful sufficient to be her son. All she’d must say to us is, “Come over, I’m horny,” and we’d be there in an instant. But, hey, this is porn. Things happen. In those fotos of Carrie Ann’s first on-camera bonk, here’s what happens: That babe swallows his cock and balls. She screws his shlong each which way. And then that babe swallows his cream.

Carrie Ann is skinny and hawt. That babe has been a nurse, which doesn’t surprise us since so many of our MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK are or used to be nurses. Guess they know how to take care of a charmer.

Prefered TV show: America’s Got Talent.

Favorite movie: The Bourne Identity.

Dream car: Any car that has air conditioning.

So the lady has a sense of humor, also. We’re in like.

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