Cassidy – Living The Anal Life

Living The Anal Life

Living The Anal Life

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and now living in Las Vegas, Cassidy, Fifty one, first visited our studio in 2009 and said us, “One of the reasons I decided to pose is coz I am hoping one of your well-hung fellows wants to screw my butt.” Well, that happened in Screw My Aged A-hole #3, and now it is happening again in Chocolate Stuffed MILFS vol. 3 and Tag-Teaming Grannies. There is a lot more to this short ‘n’ stacked woman than just her love of anal. But we decided to focus on anal.

Fourty something: U were 40something when we saw you how many years ago?

CASSIDY: I think it was 3 years agone.

40something: And you did an anal scene. Do u remember it?

CASSIDY: Yes, I do. It was with the plumber! He was in my house! My pipes were broken and I needed a plumber, and I was going out but this skirt chaser was late, and when he lastly got there I was indeed crazy and said him I needed my pipes fixed. And this lady-killer told, “I’ll fix your pipes,” and that was it. He was over by the kitchen sink and I was standing right there and he started playing with my leg and told, “Don’t be eager. I’ll make u feel more amazing.” And then we got into it. I sucked his pecker and then we fucked.

40 something: In real life, have you ever had sex with a plumber?

CASSIDY: Really, I’ve, and u know what? That fellow did come to my house and this chab was delightful and we went out. We didn’t do it that day, but we did. I was living in Sherman Oaks, California. I was in my early Fourtys, and the sink needed to be fixed, and I opened the Yellow Pages and that chap came. And that guy turned out to be actually cute, and in advance of this fellow left, he said, “Can I acquire your number?” and I told yeah. This ladies man was a lot younger than me. So we hung out and had sex, and if you are wondering, yeah, we did have anal-copulation.

40 something: Ok. Let me think of some other porn things that might have happened to you. Sex with the pizza boy?

CASSIDY: No, at no time the pizza lad, but I had sex with a doctor. I don’t wanna receive him in trouble, but after I had my daughter, this smooth operator was the lad who did my boob jobs, and we went out after that Lothario did them.

Fourty something: You had sex?

CASSIDY: Yeah. Anal invasion, also. I guess I have arse stab with just about each boy I have sex with.

Fourty something: How about a rock star?

CASSIDY: Yep. I used to be married to a rock star.

40 something: Cassidy, you’re consummate for lads who like babes short ‘n’ stacked.

CASSIDY: I suppose! All through high school, ‘coz I was a gymnast, all the basketball and football players used to like me. I have always been with bigger than average dudes. I cant quite give some males a oral job while the one and the other of us are standing! All I must do is squat a little. My 1st husband was six-four.

Fourty something: What’s your feeling about anal beads?

CASSIDY: I would rather just have a vibrator or a dick up there instead of those little beads. That is what I most like.

40something: Gang bangs?

CASSIDY: I’ve at no time done one, but I would. I at not time did DOUBLE PENETRATION, either. Yet. I’ve lived a very colorful life. And I think it is gonna receive even more marvelous!

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