Catrina Costa – Catrina’s anal bang theory

Catrina’s anal group-sex theory

Catrina's anal a team fuck theory

Catrina Costa is a 50-year-old divorcee. Her favourite TV display is Large Bang Theory. And this day, this babe is plan to acquire gang rogered in her booty. Our big-bang theory is that M.I.L.F.S. who love anal-copulation and do it on-camera are super-horny, far hornier than the run of the mill lady. In Catrina’s case, our theory is 100% correct.

“My hobbies are spending time with my family and participating in gang bangs,” Catrina told.

This Mamma of 3 from Southern California was one time at the center of bang with 28 lads. This babe gets off on having her face hole, cum-hole and booty rammed at the same time.

“My flawless day is spent hanging out with my family, doing things we savour and just relaxing. My ideal evening would include sex toys, dildos, my partner and maybe an supplementary guy or two.”

Mother by day, whore by night. That is Catrina, who ran her own day care business for eight years and has held down a wide diversity of jobs, including managing an office. This babe is valuable at keeping track of things that are coming and going. That helps in her gang bangs.

We asked Catrina how often she has sex, and she said, “Is ‘not often enough’ a valuable answer?” It is the best answer possible. “Four days a week? Or do we acquire to count every act? The weeks we have a party, I lose count. It could be Twenty, Thirty, 40, even more.”

Catrina likes “a skirt chaser who can make me chortle. Somebody who will hold me when I must be held. Anybody who listens and shares. Someone who can satisfy all my needs.”

Or knows where to look to help her satisfy her needs. Obviously, when a woman is into group sex, this babe can not have all her needs contented by one ladies man.

“Who knows what I’ll do next? I can not await to inspect!”

This was a priceless initiate.

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