Charlie – Something’s cooking in Charlie’s kitchen

Something’s cooking in Charlie’s kitchen

Something's cooking in Charlie's kitchen

Charlie is in the kitchen baking a cake when her son’s ally Peter unveils up.

“It always smells so worthwhile here,” he says. “What are you baking?”

Charlie says she’s baking a cake for her son, but Peter knows that is a fib when this fellow sees the cake. It is a wang cake!

“That’s for Billy?” Peter asks.

That babe fesses up. Her girlfriend is getting a divorce, so that babe is making her a cake. Isn’t that wonderful of Charlie? The schlong cake is very detailed. It has balls and veins. It even has cum.

“Does Billy know about this?” Peter asks.

Nope, Billy doesn’t know, and Charlie’s plan to make sure he doesn’t inspect…by engulfing and banging his 22-year-old friend into silence.

Charlie, by the way, is 63. She is married. This babe has children and grandchildren. And that babe enjoys doing things almost all 60somethings do not do.

Blowing a 22-year-old is one of those things.

Flashing her boobs for beads at Mardi Gras is some other.

Certainly, rogering on-camera is the titanic thing of all.

Charlie lives in Colorado with her husband. This babe used to be a nurse. She does, truly, have fun baking. She also loves going to the movies. And going to stripped beaches. And masturbating.

“I have all the latest toys to go with my dreams,” Charlie said.

Rogering juvenile boys is one of them.

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