Cherry Brady – Ultimate Cherry Brady: Cherry Arrives

Topmost Cherry Brady: Cherry Arrives

Ultimate Cherry Brady: Cherry Arrives

One of Voluptuous magazine’s most popular models, Cherry Brady is more than a glamour model. This babe subscribed to V-mag for years before that babe decided to send in her pics to our office and take the plunge herself. Cherry likes being photographed but until that day, her bare modeling was at home.

“For a long time I thought I was a little bulky,” Cherry told us her very first week at The SCORE Group. “You see, I’ve a certain type of body. It is a actually curvy, gorgeous body, and it was not until not long ago that I looked at Voluptuous and said, ‘Those are glamourous hotties. Those are real babes. That is a pleasing beauty in that magazine. I like that that babe has a squishy body.’ And I observe myself in the same way.”

Utmost Cherry Brady was written by Cherry herself and is a certified best-seller on DVD from the day it was released. Cherry proved that this babe had many talents besides creative exposed modeling, not to mention her mind boggling body and love bubbles and down-home personality.

In part one of UCB, one time Cherry arrives, she takes over the entire building. After making this coup, Cherry changes to a military outfit and starts her assault on the mind of the breast-man.

I can just imagine the images from this scene hanging in thousands of US military barracks and camps.

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