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Christie Stevens Christie Stevens
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How many times have we told you, "be careful of your wife’s personal coach!"? If you still don’t make almost certainly of us, take a check out today’s Cuckold Session! Super-hot SEXY HOUSEWIFE Christie Stevens has dragged Husband to today’s "workout" with her buffed, studly trainer. Why? It’s his birthday! Christie loves Partner, and this babe very much likes their cuckolding relationship! So why not toss the cuckold a bone? While Partner is trying desperately to squeeze out a half-dozen pushups, Christie’s busy getting very affable with her gent! Pretty soon, she’s sucking him, and yeah…today, Spouse gets to see! Acquire this — this woman chaser get’s a day without his "cage", too! This means he’ll pound his petite jock with his fist whilst Christie is getting pounded by The Tutor! Since Christie’s in a worthwhile mood, she’ll allow Hubby to make a mess all over himself; however, she’s not walking out of the Fitness Centre dirty! This means clean-up on Aisle 32-D for Husband! But let us face it…part of Hubby’s enjoyment in cuckolding is the enjoyment this chab receives cleaning up his wife after other chaps finish all over her!
Christie Stevens Christie Stevens

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