Codi Goes Country

Codi Goes Country

Codi Goes Country

It’s Vore for the score with Codi Vore tucked away in this country cottage clothed like a country goddess. She’s going bare to share her mighty good couple and cookie hair, playing with herself on a chair. We swear we only stare because we care.

“I feel sexiest when I can watch and hear how badly a smooth operator who I desire wants me,” Codi told. “How much I drive him kooky with lust.

“I feel extra concupiscent when I smoke. I suppose it makes it harder for me to focus on more complex thoughts whilst encouraging me to explore the weirder and darker sides of my sexuality. It makes it so that being a valuable bimbo is all I can focus on and I can let the entire experience wash over me without any distractions.”

When it comes to cumming, Codi likes mental as well as physical stimulation.

“I’m indeed cerebral, and I can go forever if I’m not in the right mindset, but if I am thinking about the right things, I can cum in love 2 minutes. Really quick.”

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