Danni’s Happy Hour

Danni’s Cheerful Sixty minutes

Danni's Happy Hour

Do at no time turn down a cocktail from Danni Lynne. Who knows where it might lead you? This scene gives u one possibility.

“The funniest pick-up attempt I have gotten so far was ‘Here’s my phone number. I’ll call u.’ I do not know what this chap meant, and it didn’t work!” Maybe the man was boob-drunk being near Danni.

Danni is very comfortable being bare. “There are times when I do not wanna wear gracious clothing. If Eve not at all would’ve bitten that apple, we would’ve been nude moreover. That’s how I see it. We should all never wear hot garments.”

Danni is a blend of “Hispanic, Japanese and darksome. The Japanese part is I’ve petite feet. Size seven. Plenty of people say it is in my eyes and my cheekbones, too. The Hispanic part is My boobies and my appetite. I eat everything. The darksome part is My attitude. It comes out sometimes.”

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