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Brick House

Brick House

Desiree Vega (October ’15 SCORE) holding a wine bottle between her bigger in size than typical milk shakes hands-free is one of the more astounding sights observed at SCORELAND this year and that’s saying a mouthful considering all the greatness of the gals here.

Sharing a petite in number glasses of wine with enjoyable Desiree? Who’s not up for that? Skinny and stacked is an understatement when describing her crazy-sexy body. “I wear a 36G underneath garment, give or take, depending on who makes it. I buy ’em from upscale stores. Nordstrom, Bloomingdales,” told Desiree. That lingerie she widens the reveal with is flawless for her.

Is this the kind of “California Girl” The Beach Boyz wrote about? As we’ve illustrious before, it is rare to watch a beach beauty with Desiree’s kind of rack on either coast. “I like my bigger than run of the mill billibongs. They’re feminine and they’re large. The bigger the better! I wouldn’t mind going bigger in size. I’m not sure how bigger than standard yet.”

The bigger in size the more wondrous. Words to live by.

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