Desk Sex With The Big-Titted Supervisor

Desk Sex With The Monster boobed Supervisor

Desk Sex With The Big-titted Supervisor

Busy, high-powered executive Karen Fisher has no time to waste. She’s worked her way up the corporate ladder since 2006 from an auto mechanic in the Big-Tit Tune-up garage to the position of human resources supervisor at SCORE. Her mechanic’s overalls a thing of the past, now Karen can wear taut, stretchy tops with breast valley up to her chin, skirts so tight this babe can barely walk, let alone get her legs up on her desk and sky-high heels. This day she’s interviewing for a magazine truckman who can unload the kind of large loads Karen needs unloaded, usually in her face or face hole or on her whoppers. Mr. John C. is her first applicant of the day. Miss Fisher’s 1st job test is to take up with the tongue his chest and see how this Lothario tastes. This babe calls it the tongue test. Her method of fielding crew is a little unorthodox but to date no one has complained, even when one woman chaser was injured trying an atypical position Miss Fisher wanted. Karen prequalifies John C. by feeling the logjam in his jeans. John proves to be an immediate hands-on sort of petticoat chaser, palming Miss Fisher’s sweaterpuppies and engulfing her pointy teats until they are vertical and rigid enough to cause injury if one shoved him in the eye. Digging around in the man’s jeans, Miss Fisher is overjoyed to identify her hand wrapped around a thick bolt and matching nuts and begins sucking it immediately even as she sits on her chair. This babe expects a truckman to bring his own tools so that is one more step in the right direction. This charmer lays back on Miss Fisher’s desk so this babe can more precious suck and tit-bang his weenie. This is all in a day’s work for the busy blond but for this job applicant, it’s the interview of a lifetime.

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