Dolly Delight – Creaming For Ice Cream

Creaming For Ice Man-juice

Creaming For Ice Cream

It was a very hawt day when Dolly Delight left her phat bungalow for this photo shoot. Her parasol protected her fair Anglo-Saxon skin from the burning rays of the sun until that babe tossed it away and took off her costume.

Her British bawdy cleft is pierced and hairless and always aching to be fingered. Her indecent vocabulary is unrivalled by any other skanky British slut. In the indecent mouth division, Dolly’s throat is a whirlpool of verbal smut, her mind in the gutter. In other words, Dolly is an artist at producing salaciously randy and prurient poetry.

A priceless vanilla ice semen cone is just right for a refreshing break from this tropical heat. It melts too quickly though, and Dolly’s sloppy ice semen tongueing habits leave her large marangos looking like a group of ball cream donors busted their nuts all over her.

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