Getting to know Cora Comfort

Getting to know Cora Comfort

Getting to know Cora Comfort

This is Cora Comfort Week at, and we’re kicking things off with a get-to-know-you interview. Cora is a 46-year-old divorcee from Detroit, Michigan (now living in Las Vegas), and she’s full of life and energy. She can’t live with out to shag. She’s in the right place.

We asked Cora how she identified us, and she said, “It was the outrageous thing. I belong to this swinger site, and some random person was talking to me and told, ‘You need to talk to someone at The SCORE Group,’ so I did, but they wanted the [test] pix to be a certain way, and I had so much going on, but when I was called back, it was already happening.”

We make things happen in a hurry when we see a lady love Cora.

So here’s this week’s schedule:

Today: Solo pictures and this movie interview.

Tuesday: Solo clip in which Cora deep-fingers her butthole.

Wednesday: Cora’s 1st on-camera shag pictures.

Thursday: Cora’s 1st on-camera copulate video.

It’s intend to be a great week…for you and Cora!

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