“I’m an exhibitionist, and this is my chance to show the whole wo

“I’m an exhibitionist, and this is my chance to brandish the entire wo

“I’m weary of being a closet exhibitionist,” said Nikki Chevious, a divorced Mamma of grown children who’s breaking out of the closet in a big way by getting bare for 40 something magazine and mouthing and screwing online at 40SomethingMag.com. “I love seeing how fellows react to my body. When I go out, I love to display some skin with a short skirt and heels, and sometimes I adore to brandish my cleavage and view the reactions.” Nikki is looking forward to hearing your reaction to her international men’s mag initial debut. “I urge to know all about how u jacked to my images.”

Nikki is tall, thin and buxom. This babe has great breasts and hawt tan lines. And although hotties are always happy to be in our studio, we’ve at no time seen a lady happier–or more batty to fuck–than Nikki. “This is a fantasy come true,” that babe said. “I like the entire experience, from having my hair and makeup done to having my picture taken. In advance of I came here, I endevoured to think of all the things I could do to turn u men on, and the 1st chance I got, I pressed my fingers inside my wet crack. Adore it?”

Nikki loves talented football (the Fresh Great Britain Patriots are her much loved team), shopping, exercising and tanning. That babe says she’s sexually resigned and enjoys “light slavery and spankings.” Her erotic fantasy is “to be taken on top of my Camaro with the sun on my shoulders in a semi-public place.” There’s her exhibitionist side afresh. “The first time I had sex was in the game room of an apartment complex where we could’ve been caught, so I think I have always liked the possibility of being seen. It’s so much more gripping.”

“I one time had sex with a lad inside his sports car in broad daylight,” Nikki said. “We were out side a bar, and my friends were inside. When we went back inside, I had a large smile on my face, and his sperm was still dripping down my leg, which was truly wicked ‘coz I was wearing a mini-skirt and no knickers.” Nikki’s exhibitionist side disclosed itself then. Here, it flaunts itself again. “To me, the digi camera represented all u lads watching me spread my slit. The more I thought about that, the more I wanted to widen it.” And the more this babe did!

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