Jayden Prescott – SCORE Reader’s Wife

SCORE Reader’s Wife

<i>SCORE</i> Reader’s Wife” title=”<i>SCORE</i> Reader’s Wife” src=”https://www.freematuresexvideos.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/jayden-prescott-score-readers-wife.jpg” /></a> </p>
<p class=Jayden Prescott’s got a busty fetish. This is an understatement. “I have 100 SCORE DVDs and dozens of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines at home,” wrote Jayden.

Jayden took four very basic nude pics at home (just standing, arms at her sides) and emailed them to the SCORE studio (model@scoregroup.com).

When Jayden arrived, she told that she and her boyfriend are larger than average fans. Her spouse has been a SCORE and Voluptuous browser since 1993 and is a SCORELAND member likewise and the reason that she’s a fan. Meeting and marrying Jayden fulfilled a major life’s goal for him. His own SCORE Gal at home!

They read every issue cover-to-cover and they collect the DVDs. They know a lot about SCORE‘s history. They’re fans. A dream audience. There are 2 videos of Jayden on the SCORELAND Blog. When Jayden arrived, this babe said that anyway posing in nature’s garb, that babe wanted to try XXX boy-girl action. With anal likewise! This was love hitting a jackpot in Las Vegas.

“I’ve got the highest hubby, letting me do SCORE while that stud is home,” Jayden said. “He didn’t even mind that I am going to have sex. In fact, he encouraged me to do it. The thing that attracted me to my partner was how consistent he was. This chab is a down-to-Earth lady-killer. At no time pushy. Not at all judgmental. This smooth operator kinda lets me do my own thing. That is the superlatively worthwhile part. This chab lets me be here, and he’s at home working. He is been reading the magazines since 1993. Marvelous much since the starting. My partner was the second smooth operator I’ve had sex with. The lady-killer I’m with today [JMac] will be the 3rd boy I have ever banged.”

Jayden is super-horny. Her hub is a favourable Lothario! Having this playgirl around the abode, a Big-Boob honey bunny who’s into the SCORE scene, has many SCORE DVDs at home, buys hot outfit and fuck-me shoes…well, that’s the utmost boob heaven for a breast-lover. Right? When Jayden was getting widen and drilled in the studio, we could hear her yells of fun through the wall. That babe is a sensational sex husband and clearly likes cum all over her bra buddies and on her lips. Jayden is a SCORE Beauty and is contented to be one!

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