Jemini Jordan – Jemini’s Afternoon Delight

Jemini’s Afternoon Delight

Jemini's Afternoon Delight

As the cars drive by out side, the people in these cars have no idea that inside, just on the other side of that window they just passed, a thick, concupiscent, 44-year-old divorcee named Jemini Jordan is having naughty, forbidden, on-camera sex with a ladies man that babe hadn’t even known until minutes earlier. That’s the way things happen at the studio, where just about each afternoon brings some favourable people a little afternoon delight.

Is there much dialogue in this scene? No, not truly. Jemini moans, “Oh,” when Sergio spanks her big a-hole. That babe smacks her lips when that babe wraps ’em around his shlong. That babe says, “Mmmmph” and “Ahhhh,” while this babe sucks his rod, and this gent says, “Suck my rod,” which this chab doesn’t receive to say cuz Jemini’s already doing it. So, not much dialogue. Just a lot of sucking and banging. Just the way we like it.

You’ll adore Jemini with her long, blonde hair and bigger than run of the mill thighs and bigger than run of the mill hips. You’ll love how this babe can take a unbending pounding. That babe liked it, likewise.

“Oh, yep!” Jemini said as Sergio group rogered her doggystyle.

And the cars kept passing by.

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