Katarina Dubrova – Top-Seeded Girl

Top-Seeded Angel

Top-Seeded Girl

Top-seeded girl Katarina Dubrova is here to practice her breast and teat training. Her entire body is extra-sensitive and getting even more erotically sensitive as the months move on and her belly grows greater.

First, Katarina rubs her bump, rubbing it with downy, smooth hands, occasionally moving it down to her thongs. Then she unhooks her maternity beneath garment to flaunt her large titties. This specially designed undergarment has additional thongs that hook to the main belts. This allows the Mamma to drop a cup so this babe can feed her child. Katarina plays with her nipples and mammaries, her areolae now a dark chocolate brown color.

Katarina pumps her areolas with her newly purchased breast pumps and after cleaning and tweaking her nipple to stiffness, that babe applies nipple shields. Those are clear plastic guards that are used for a number of reasons including protecting the teats and helping the baby to latch on to the areola when that man suckles.

With her large love muffins so stimulated from her practice, Katarina needs wet crack relief so she extracts her dildo without her maternity kit and buzzes herself fast and unyielding in a very thrilling cum-show.

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