Kate Britain

Kate England Kate England
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No one likes a snitch, which is why Isiah and Rico are paying Nathan a visit. They used to be a crew, with Nathan leaving that life behind him when that fellow met his attractive, blond girlfriend Kate Britain. Even though Nathan denies the accusation, Isiah and Rico aren’t buying it. As they’re kicking his butt, Kate pulls in from work. She craves to call the cops, but Nathan tells her no. Nathan has a confession. It’s time to tell Kate of his past. And no matter how much cash Kate and Nathan offer, the dark boyz aren’t leaving. Kate suggests up her face hole, and the Dark Bulls counter with taking Kate to the bedroom — the same bedroom where Nathan and Kate make love — where they’ll take Kate’s other two holes. Why does Nathan find himself aroused as the Dark-skinned Bulls have their way with his woman? As Kate is being taken, she tells the Bulls this babe is off birth control and trying to have a baby with Nathan. Their reply? A double cream pie, planted unfathomable in her fertile womb. The only thing better? Kate’s confession to Nathan as she’s getting railed!!!
Kate England Kate England

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