Katherine Merlot – The Katherine Merlot Interview

The Katherine Merlot Interview

The Katherine Merlot Interview

Now it’s time to must know Katherine Merlot, a 71-year-old first-timer who sat down for an interview with the 60PlusMILFs.com editor and a scarcely any invited guests. Katherine is looking super-sexy in a short dress with stockings and a garter thong, and her red hair adds to her sex appeal. Katherine was born in 1941 in Romania, “the land of Dracula,” Katherine says. This babe sounds no thing like Dracula, partly cuz she didn’t spend a lot of time in Romania.

Although this is Katherine’s first time in front of the digital camera, this babe has been an escort since she was 40 years mature, a change of life that took her by surprise. We asked her how this babe would have reacted if, when that babe was Thirty, somebody had told her she’d be here, having sex with 24-year-old bucks for all the world to see.

“I would have said ’em they are with out their minds. It’s not smth I ever thought about. Not then. I was married.” As for the idea of being an escort, Katherine said, “I’m still shocked that guys urge to have sex with a female-dominator my age.”

We learn a lot about Katherine in this interview. This babe tells us what kind of studs she can’t live without. She tells us about her pussy’s capacity. We inspect about her very tolerant daughter. We investigate about her sexual likes and dislikes.

Gentlemen, welcome the newest star of 60PlusMILFs.com.

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