Katie Thornton – Melons In The Sun

Scones In The Sun

Melons In The Sun

“Scorecard” has been as brimming with letters about Katie Thornton as much as Katie’s overloaded under garment brims with boobage. The archetypal angel standing next to Katie need to feel diminutive when this babe eyes those bountiful bon-bons.

Writes Keith, “Katie Thornton is a very welcome addition to the SCORE family. This angel is the total package. Her face is gracious with flowing golden-haired hair, smoky eyes and a seductive smile. Then there is her astonishing body with perfect, full, round GG-cup juggs plus long, hot legs and a great booty. As a bonus, she is totally bald and gives us a great check out! I hope to watch lots more Katie Thornton in the near future. That babe has got to be a strong contender for 2015 Apprentice of the Year.”

Katie heads outside for a snack, bringing along her picnic basket of watermelons. On her blanket, Katie quickly sheds her sexy garments except for her go-go boots. Lunch is always better when beauties as stacked and as nice-looking as Katie do that. In our opinion. It is worthy to receive Katie outdoors and below the sun, in nature’s garb as nature intended.

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