Kitten In Chains

Kitten In Chains

Kitten In Chains

Milk. It does do a body worthwhile, especially a voluptuously wholesome body.

The paramount British girl-next-door, Michelle Bond does have a purring, cat-like style about her. She rarely takes on a kinky dream angel persona so this is a veer-off into fetish territory.

Years earlier, Michelle worked as a showgirl on crazed party island Ibiza. What was a nice gal adore her doing in a place adore that?

“I worked for a peculiar club as a showgirl. It was the world’s biggest nightclub, and we did different exposes, and my part every Monday night was to receive dragged onstage, manacled and naked, by a dwarf. It was wild, but it was enjoyment, and the crowd always got a large kick with out it. Every Monday night, chained and naked in front of a thousand people. “

That was the long-running, now-closed reveal called “Manumission” hosted by the club Privilege in Ibiza. It was known as the majority debauched scene in Ibiza.

“In part of the show I would be wearing underclothes, but in the part with the dwarf I was nude, and I had a collar and chain around my neck and he’d drag me on up, and I would be wearing nothing but handcuffs, and he’d drag me around onstage. I had a precious time.”

A dwarf dragging a bound, undressed Michelle on-stage? Sounds adore a scene from a Bela Lugosi movie scene.

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