Lana Ivans – Man V. Boobs

Guy V. Bouncy bosoms

Man V. Boobs

Big boobed, miniature and cute, super hot Lana Ivans, a Romanian goddess SCORE found, is savouring the splendor of the Caribbean. Dressed in a very skimpy two-piece that clings to her buxom body perfectly, Lana steps out of the beachside resort to gaze at the scenery when she smells food grilling.

From where? Lana has to watch what's cooking. During the time that we follow her big mammaries as that babe walks down the stairs lazily in her high heels, Lana follows her nose to the pool area. She's on the scent and discovers Largo cooking sausage on the veranda by the pool.

Largo gives Lana a smack of his grilled sausage but Lana wants the larger than run of the mill weiner in his trousers. She's intend to be cooking that thing real admirable. A big 10-Pounder for a little angel. She eats it priceless and after Largo bonks her constricted little gap, that guy gives her his sexy sauce. What a valuable hotty. We've yet to see a clip with Lana that wasn't hotter than a taco sold at a Mexican lunch wagon. Everything she does is hawt, even walking down a flight of stairs. How do you get a cooking job love this?

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