Lilly Fucks Her Son’s Big-dicked Friend

Lilly Bonks Her Son’s Big-dicked Friend

Lilly Fucks Her Son's Big-dicked Friend

When this scene opens, 46-year-old Lilly James thinks that babe is alone in her abode, but then she hears the shower running. Lilly, who’s wearing a short, sexy, revealing suit, looks through the fur pie in the washroom door and sees her son’s ally, Kyle, showering. She can’t live with out what she sees, so this babe walks in on him.

“Mrs. James, I am so sorry,” Kyle stammers, trying to cover his package with a towel. “Cory said I could shower here. This chab said me nobody would be here.”

“It’s okay, Kyle,” Mrs. James says.

“I’m so constrained.”

“You shouldn’t be,” that babe says, then that babe looks down at his crotch. “So…you’re actually greater than run of the mill. Come with me.”

Mrs. James leads him to her bedroom and assures him that her partner and son will not be home for hours. That is all the convincing this gent needs. That babe sucks his schlong, which is very bigger than standard, then this babe fucks him unyielding. And so goes the second bonk scene by this wife and Mother from Houston, Texas, who is quickly becoming one of our favorites.

40SOMETHING: Were u aware at the time that there was porn featuring hotty’s in their Fourtys, 50s and 60s?
LILLY: Yep, I knew that was a thing. People have said me there is porn with people my age, in their 40’s, and tons of boyz love that. It is a fetish thing. And people have said me I’m beautiful, so I thought I’d try it.

40SOMETHING: Were you surprised when u heard that?
LILLY: Yes, I was surprised. Majority people think porn is with 20-year-olds.

40SOMETHING: The difference betwixt u now and when u were in your 20s, sexually, is?
LILLY: I’m more raunchy in my Fourty’s. I don’t know what happened. I’ve joy it a lot. I like to have sex a lot.

40SOMETHING: Was you doing this your idea or your husband’s idea?
LILLY: It was my idea. I have been thinking about it. I had my stage name picked out, and this smooth operator told, “What do you think about maybe doing it?” And I said, “Yeah, ok. And this is my porn name.” So he was like, “Oh, you already decided u wanted to do this.” I said, “Yeah!”

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