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It was about the time Lilly Ford met her BF that that babe changed her name to Lilly Lit, and stud, are they one freaky pair! They’re "poly", which means Lilly bangs just about everyone in sight, whether or not The BF is around to check out. This day, The BF is around, cause that stud is drooping in the backyard with The Homies when Lilly receives back from a "girls’ day out". After Lilly greets The BF, she heads directly to their bedroom so that babe can put on the skimpiest of all her bikinis, then head back out to tan…and tanalize. The BF, however, has smth very different in mind: sharing the ravishing, miniature Lilly with The Homies, who cant believe how sexy she is! Sure sufficient, Lilly is down, so to kick off, it’s a round of backyard blowjobs previous to heading inside, where Lilly is gonna get railed by almost 3 feet of shlong as The BF watches and jerks. Lilly cums multiple times previous to receiving not one, nor two…but 3 man-juice pies in a row! With her pleasing muff literally running with jizz, Lilly receives on her knees for the last reward: a blast in the face from the stud who likes her almost all!
Lilly Lit Lilly Lit

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