Malyca – A Feminist?

A Feminist?

A Feminist?

Malyca teaches yoga classes down here in Miami. She is a free spirited feminist who does whatever this babe wishes. You might think that’s a recipe for a stuck-up wench who doesn’t know how to please a dude, but you’d be wrong. “I think that being an empowered femdom-goddess means that u please your stud, or bucks if u have more than one. Part of feeling empowered is feeling feminine. Part of that comes from being adept to embrace your carnal feelings.

“I receive off on submitting to males and letting ’em acquire coarse and meaty with me. I too receive off on turning the tables and controlling a gent. I am not talking about putting on a strap-on and going to city on his gazoo, but I would do that if a boy wanted me to. I’m talking about tying him down and riding him, or dressing up in a leather corset and stockings and giving him a little drubbing. Watch, it’s all about giving your hubby whatsoever they have to have the superlatively good large O of their life. If you do it for ’em, then they’ll do it for you. That’s empowering sex.”

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