Mamma Mia! Natasha Sweet’s Sexy Job Interview

Mommy Mia! Natasha Sweet’s Sexy Job Interview

Mamma Mia! Natasha Sweet's Sexy Job Interview

When we first see Natasha Ravishing, the fetching bra-buster is studying a book about tits. What other kind of book is there? She greets a prospective job applicant seeking employment as her assistant. In business, this is called a fantasy job.

Natasha speaks to him in Italian. This chab only knows English. Despite that, they do have smth greater than run of the mill in common. Her fantastic love bubbles. Natasha can read boyz love a book and this babe sees Falco has true breast obsession. Now for her testing.

She takes her breasts out of her top and that flips him out. That stud thought they were plastic and is shocked when she whips ’em out for his study. Maybe he’d better read and memorize Natasha’s breast book. Natasha encourages him to touch her funbags, then engulf on her areolas. This chab latches on like a suction cup.

Natasha receives on her knees so that babe can take his hard-on in her mouth. She is too the right height now for him to rub his weenie between her king-size deep cleavage chasm. This is a job interview he can write his parents about. Natasha has even more treats for him. This babe leans over her desk and invites him to bonk her doggystyle. He has just talented the high reaching day of his life. We cant help but execrate him.

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