Meet Mia Magnusson. Jack to Mia Magnusson.

Meet Mia Magnusson. Jack to Mia Magnusson.

Meet Mia Magnusson. Jack to Mia Magnusson.

We asked Mia Magnusson, a 61-year-old divorcee, Mama and grandmother from Australia, if the people she knows would be surprised to watch her here, and this babe said, “Some, yeah, but I’ve always been unpredictable, so…”

And so, Mia, who’s been a experienced dancer all her life–mostly Polynesian and belly lap dancing but go-go and exotic dancing, too–makes her first appearance by telling us about herself and showing off her attractive body.

“A friend suggested I write to you, and I did,” said Mia, who has always been open to fresh things. Doing this is one of these new things. Rogering on-camera for the 1st time, which she’ll do in the coming days, is one more of these recent things.

“I don’t coyness away from cameras and spotlights, whether it’s with sex or not,” this babe said. “When you’re younger, being awkward and timid, you are a lot more inhibited and coy, and, at least honey bunnys, you attach a great romantic expectation with out sex, so you are always riding that high and low of broken hearts. When u receive old, you can relish it for what it is. Freer and more fun.”

Mia is free. And this babe is lots of enjoyment.

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