Melissa Mandlikova – Look Out For The Quiet Ones

Look Out For The Quiet Ones

Look Out For The Quiet Ones

Melissa Mandlikova is one of those cuties who flies beneath the radar when it comes to public recognition even though she was number 47 of the Finest 100 of the Decade 2000-2009. She’s the silent sex-bomb. The one who’s always reading or keeping herself occupied in some introspective way. Not a wallflower but an highly low-key, alluring gal with a glamorous body and a girl-next-door personality. She’s girlfriend material.

Even when she was being the mean hotty with Kristy Klenot and dumping a bucket of water on an unsuspecting Jasmine Dark in Hungary, Melissa couldn’t shake her admirable cutie vibe. The angel is everything but a mean whore.

Despite the language barrier (this babe speaks very little English, only Czech) our photographers always get it done. Melissa is skillful to read their minds, just one of her many quiet super-powers. We’re happy she’s still glamour modeling and hope to see her again one of those days.

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