Mimi Moore – Shower Time With Mimi

Shower Time With Mimi

Shower Time With Mimi

“Life just keeps getting more priceless and more fantastic. I’ve never felt so pleased, sensual and aroused!” So says Mimi Moore, a divorcee and banker from California. The older Mimi receives, the hornier she receives, so masturbating is a get to. And her prefered place to do it? The shower, of course.

“While sex would be my number one choice, you can’t always have it. And even if I do have it, sometimes I’m still randy! And there is a plus side to masturbation. You learn a lot about what you adore.”

We love Mimi.

“I love to receive off in the shower cuz it’s one of the hardly any places I have privacy. I’m already in nature’s garb, and the hot water and lathered soap feel so worthwhile on my body. I begin touching myself and get carried away! Oddly enough, I most like not to have sex in the shower. Save that for the ottoman!”

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