Rachel Love – Sealing The Deal

Sealing The Deal

Sealing The Deal

Big-Boob real estate brokers! U watch ’em in real estate magazines and newspapers and on TV displays. Each tit-man can’t live without ’em and thinks about ’em! With Rachel Love (Mamazon), u couldn’t ask for a hotter hotty to do this because she’s done it for real. That babe knows how to sell houses. So in “Sealing The Deal,” the prospective buyer recognizes Rachel from her previous magazines and movies. Flattered, that babe doesn’t mind when that woman chaser asks her if this ladies man can take her photo to brandish his buddies. In fact, this babe automatically starts to lift up her bra-less scones with her hands from habit. You can take the real estate agent with out the glamour model but you can’t take the glamour model out of the real estate agent.

Suddenly showing her magnificent pointer sisters takes precedence over showing the abode, as it should be. Rachel can suck her nipps…very breathtaking…and gives him a lot to photograph. And just as breathtaking is Rachel attacking the buck in the bedroom as she spits and drools giving him a sloppy, hands-free oral stimulation and tits-on-top rod rubdown. Then it is alternating screws and blowjobs, from missionary to on-top to doggie.

Another part of Rachel’s sexually excited greatness is her demand for different positions, requests that are the one and the other obedient and yet assertive. When she’s getting speared in doggie, that babe thrusts back as rock hard and as rough as this babe can and when she’s riding on top, she bounces up and down with lots of energy but still desires to be controlled. As last evidence of her erotic heat, that babe vigorously jerks him off with her own hand (a rarity, since almost every porn fellow jacks himself off at the end of a copulate) and takes the cock juice all over herself with the nastiest, happiest expression on her face. Rachel truly likes high-energy sex.

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