Sharon Pink – Bowling For Big Boobs

Bowling For Large Boobs

Bowling For Large Boobs

Super-sex star Sharon Pink is back at SCORE and this time, it’s Bowling For Bra-busters day. She’s looking as fetching and as sexy as the final time in Prague a diminutive in number years agone. Sharon is clothed in a very constricted orange top beneath a tight brassiere that gives her massive, uplifted breast valley, a denim micro-skirt and slip-in wedges. As u may know, Sharon is Czech. She doesn’t speak English so we have a local translator with us when we photograph her.

In the opener, Sharon tells us in her native tongue that this babe has not at all bowled in advance of. If u enjoy hearing SCORE Cuties speak in the language of their homeland, you’ll enjoy this segment. Sharon has one more kind of sport coming right up after this chat but in advance of that, that babe desires to try one toss of the ball. This babe doesn’t wind up in the gutter. Not bad for a first timer. Only one pin is left standing. Her form is not bad either!

Our stud asks Sharon to lift up her constricted top. Her mambos look ready to burst her brassiere thongs! On request, Sharon picks up a bowling ball and holds it next to her bouncy bosoms. The ball is not that much bigger in size than her boobies! Sharon goes for the split but sadly her ball hooks over to the gutter. It have to be these extreme curves this babe has. Maybe too much hip action.

Sharon moves her panties aside to in nature’s garb her pierced, hairless love tunnel. She sits on one of the balls in the ball return rack and while this babe rolls her gazoo and cookie on the rolling ball, that babe talks a little more about her hobbies and dreams which consists mainly of lots of sex every single day. What are the fantasies of Sharon Pink? Do porn stars have dreams? Sharon does. She’d adore to be on a boat playing with a bunch of sailors and in an army barracks with a group of soldiers.

Sharon’s bowling spouse Steve is ready to roll with Sharon and that babe is bonkers to handle his testicles. This chab comes over to the ball return rack and fingers her slit and sucks her nipps while she is still rolling on the ball. She stands up so this chab can undress her totally undressed, shove his face in her beautiful muff and a-hole and double-digit her sopping luscious vagina. That babe turns around, kneels to engulf, lick and jerk his ding-dong and gulp his nuts. Sharon’s favorite sport has started and this is a game where no loses! It’s called sport-sex and it causes raunchy delirium.

Welcome back, Sharon Pink!

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