The Sexy Server

The Sexy Server

The Sexy Server

The very word Allure is in her name. Alura Jenson is a Las Vegas playgirl by way of the town of smotherly love, Philadelphia (“I like football and the Philadelphia Eagles!” says sports fan Alura.) Alura doesn’t work as a server at a sports bar, love she does in this photo discharge, but if this babe did, the other beauties would just give up and go home.

“I decide six days a week. The most-fun job I’ve ever had was teaching fitness classes. I do not have any hobbies because I do not have any spare time. One weekend I’d just adore to sit home, cook, clean and check out TV!” (Laughs)

“I acquire to command my bras from Europe. I can not discover any in my size (34H-cupper). I rarely wear a undergarment. They’re truly difficult to detect in my size. When I go out, I do costume to display off my mammaries. Everything strapless or dangerously low-cut.”

“I very rarely masturbate. I have so much sex. I don’t feel the acquire to masturbate but when I do it’s usually quick. I’ll glide my fingers over my love button until I orgasm.”

“The funniest pick-up line I have ever heard from a petticoat chaser was ‘Excuse me, Miss. I could not assist but notice that your wet crack was talking to me.'”

“I’ve been with a lot of girls. I totally like chicks. I am not gay but that is merely because I adore schlong so much. My raunchy fantasy is to be the grandmaster of an orgy.”

The next time you watch Alura at SCORELAND, it will be in a nut-busting ass-sex scene. “These photos, fellows, are intend to be breathtaking,” Alura blogged. “I snuck a peak at a couple of ’em during the time that the photographer wasn’t looking.”

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