Vanessa – Administrative ASS-istant

Administrative ASS-istant

Administrative ASS-istant

Occupation: Administrative assistant
Lives: Torrance, California
Age: 24
Born: May 2
Ht: 5’6″
Wt: 120 pounds
Bras: 32C
Panties: Butt shorts
Anal: If the lad can’t live without it
BJs: Drink usually
Masturbate: I use a pillow

Dudes, do not let your daughters go camping. Seriously. We can’t tell you how many beauties we asked about losing their virginity who responded that it happened while they were camping. We’re ready to wager that it’s somewhere around the 10% mark. So it was not actually a surprise when Vanessa said us that’s how it went down for her. “I lost mine under the stars. It was really marvelous. I can’t imagine a more astonishing way to lose it! And ever since then, I’ve had a thing for having sex outside. It’s tough to find boyz willing to get indeed adventurous, though. Boys are kind of snatches!”

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