Vee VonSweets – Big Boob Car Wash

Bigger in size than standard Boob Car Wash

Big Boob Car Wash

It would be good to view Vee VonSweets wash this car for two or three hours but that’s not practical. So savour the sight of this small and stacked dark-skinned brown autobody from North Carolina by way of Recent Jersey hosing down this SUV and then wetting down her own sleek chassis in a shower. Vee’s got the right protective gear on for washing a car. A taut, white crop-top that exposes lots of Vee’s under-cleavage, cut-off denim shorts and high heels. Isn’t this the typical outfit? If not, it should be.

“I was a girly beauty growing up and I am still a girly beauty,” said Vee whom we detected doing that webcam thing. “I was putting on makeup when I was five. I was stealing my mom’s makeup and putting it on me, and they’d wash it off my face and I would get upset. I would hide captivating clothing that I knew I wasn’t allowed to wear in my book bag and change in school. Most of my tank tops flaunt cleavage. I do adore to flaunt off. I adore my fullsome funbags.” And so do we, Vee.

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