Vicky Soleil – Meet Vicky

Meet Vicky

Meet Vicky

Vicky Soleil used to be a office administrator. Then this babe realized that she was meant to do more valuable things. Things to improve her life instead of slaving away in an office for an unworthy boss. More fun things. More things to more awesome the world and herself with her worthwhile assets. The way to do this was to head to Voluptuous.

“I wish to climb the mountains high,” says Vicky. That is exactly what SCORELAND has in mind also.

“I usually wear dresses or blouses with big décolletage so I can be appreciated for what Mommy Nature gave me. I get lots of attention coz of my scones and I’m proud of it.” Well told, Vicky.

Vicky enjoys singing, reading novels, drawing and watching soccer (That babe roots for the Romanian team Steaua București).

Now you will meet this Recent Discovery in her 1st glamour photoshoot and video merely at SCORELAND.

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