Workin’ THE MAN

Workin’ THE Lothario

Workin' THE MAN

Mr. Swiss is a stressed out corporate type who can’t live without to copulate breasty hookers. When this skirt chaser calls his regular ho, Candace Von, for some nut-alleviation, she’s already with a John…IN the john. When this chab insists that she bring her enjoyable mangos over ASAP, Candace is faced with a tough decision: Does she finish engulfing the strapon she’s with, or does this babe ditch that chap for the woman chaser with the fellows? What does Ms. Von do? She makes her rogering money, that is what. After haggling with the office manager at the front desk, Candace struts her jiggly bazookas and obese, ghetto gazoo into this uptight yuppie’s office and this chab does what we all would like to do to Candace…he shags her for all she’s worth. And dude is that babe worth a lot, ‘cuz Ms. Von demands that this fellow pay her for her goods. This stud obviously knows a priceless deal when this man sees one cuz in advance of u know it, this chab is whipping out the greenbacks and his rod and Ms. Von is taking anything this woman chaser is got. First that babe tells him to play with her melons and then that babe gives him a premium rod mouthing, deep-throating that penis all the way down to his testicles. After some serious doggie-style, Candace jumps on this John’s Johnson and rides him like it is going with out style. Then, just cuz this bitch is the ultimate hooker there is, she lets him bust all up in her throat and that babe spits it out all over her bra-busters so this babe can play with his nutsauce.
When she’s done, it’s business time and that babe makes this motherfucker pay her for her services. If solely chesty hookers wandered into all of our offices…it would make a ROCK HARD day at work take on a complete fresh meaning!

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