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Sex Room of Mirrors

Sex Room of Mirrors

Wow Nikki was one of the early web-cam glamour models before everybody and her aunt and her aunt’s aunt decided to click this link on the action. Nikki was a stacked, buff, blonde brickhouse from Ontario, California when she first took off her fetching clothing for the SCORE digital camera. She made her 1st appearance in April 2003 V-mag.

When the subject of blowjobs came up, Nikki told, “I have that perfected. Some have called me a master of it. No thing adore a hard dick down my mouth.”

Nikki was to later prove that sentiment in this movie scene. This babe is super-hot in couch. Anything came out well at the end with Nikki excitedly jacking Myles’ erection betwixt her hooters. She’s the kind of female who genuinely enjoys making her shag partners blow their load all over her larger than run of the mill mammaries. She licks the head of his pecker likewise.

“If I could change anything about my sex life it would be not being down for seven days with out the month,” Nikki told. Trust us, that babe meant each word.

Nikki was direct and open about sex. “I like doggie position, hands-down. Ramrod size is not important to me. A medium size knob is great. It is all about the force behind the poke.” With regards to having some girl-fun, that babe enthusiastically stated, “I have lots of cute allies and I play that game a lot with angels. No thing adore touching with tongue some hawt snatch.”

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